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Onboarding Guides

Welcome to Skio - we're glad you're here! 👋

This is our Onboarding Hub, where we keep relevant guides for our features in one section, designed specifically for onboarding.

Feel free to explore our help center for additional content to help get familiarized with the product and what we offer. New features and other guides not necessary for onboarding, but worth diving into just the same, can be found in our Feature Guide.

Onboarding Guides

  1. Adding Products
  2. Configuring Skio notifications (text/email)
  3. Klaviyo Integration
  4. Cancel Flow
  5. SkioSMS
  6. Dunning (Failed Payments)
  7. How to Setup Quick Actions
  8. Customer Portal Walkthrough
  9. Onboarding for CX Teams
  10. Account Login Page
  11. Migration Overview


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