Who to Contact Who to Contact

Who to Contact


Skio has a multitide of teams that are here to support you as a merchant. Here is a quick guide that will help you know who to speak with at different times.

Skio Support

Reachable at help@skio.com

Support is here to help educate and advise on technical issues with the platform. If something is not operating as intended or you see a technical issue please reach out to our support team. They can also help with bulk operations that are needed to your subscribers.

Skio Success

Please reach out to success@skio.com or your specific Merchant Success Manager

Success is here to ensure that your team and your store is configured for the best customer experience, to share with you highlights on what is happening with commerce in general and to advise on new features that Skio is rolling out. If anyone in your team ever asks "Can we do this with Skio?" or "Should we do this with Skio?" success should be your next stop.

Skio Sales

Please reach out to your account executive. If you are unsure who that is, please reach out to success@skio.com and we can point you in the right direction.

Sales is here to help you with your plan options, if you want to look at the advantages of a longer agreement with us, or if you are looking to bring more stores / brands on to Skio.


Skio Partnerships

Please reach out to partners@skio.com

Our partners team is here to help you become a part of our partner program as an application integration partner, email partner, agency, or anything in between. If you are a merchant looking for suggestions on partners feel free to also reach out to Nick, and cc your MSM or success@skio.com


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