Optimizing subscription notifications Optimizing subscription notifications

Optimizing subscription notifications

Tyler Yannes Tyler Yannes

What this guide will cover

  • Leveraging Skio's SMS notifications
  • Sending subscription-specific events through Klaviyo
  • Using marketing SMS tools to tailor campaigns for subscribers


In this guide, we will be referencing the following features: Skio's SMS notifications, Klaviyo

Every merchant will likely have their own unique setup and this guide is designed to offer a simple, effective setup for notifications. If you're unsure about the right setup for your notifications, we have you covered!


Skio's SMS notifications

Skio offers 1-way SMS transactional confirmation texts for specific actions that a subscriber takes with their subscription. Since Skio's SMS notifications are transactional, there are no opt-in requirements similar to marketing SMS tools. If a subscriber wishes to opt-out, they can simply reply with "stop" to any of Skio's SMS notifications to disable further messaging.

What are the benefits?

  • SMS notifications typically have an open rate of 90%+
  • Skio's SMS notifications are 100% free of cost
  • Every merchant is assigned their own phone number
  • A separate phone number for transactional texts will eliminate the risk of subscriber's opting out of both transactional texts as well as marketing texts (a common problem for SMS marketing tools)
  • Each notification can be enabled or disabled at any time
  • Skio provides dynamic variables for each notification that will populate the subscriber's information when they receive the text
  • Skio's Quick Action links can be added to SMS notifications

What are the recommendations?

Notification Name



Example Copy

Order confirm / subscription management reminder (SMS)

Every time a subscription order processes

Helps to provide a secondary order confirmation from just sending an email confirmation

Hi {{first_name}}, it's {{brand_name}}! We just processed your subscription order and are getting your order ready to ship. Customize your subscription anytime here: {{site_url_shortener}}

Billing reminder (SMS)

Before a subscription order is about to process (can customize how many days before this gets sent)

A great way to remind subscribers their order is about to process

Hi {{first_name}}, it's your friends at {{brand_name}}! Your next order is in {{days_before}} days. Make changes any time: {{site_url_shortener}}

Billing attempt failure (SMS)

Every time a subscription order fails to process because of a failed payment

The best way to prevent passive churn (subscriptions cancelling from failed payments)

Hi {{first_name}}, it's {{brand_name}}! We tried to process your order but your payment method failed. Please update your card in your portal using this link: {{site_url_shortener}}

Cancel subscription (SMS)

Every time a subscription is cancelled

A nice reminder for churned subscribers that they will not be billed again

Hey {{first_name}}, it's {{brand_name}} and we are confirming your subscription is canceled. We're sad to see you go! You can resubscribe anytime in your account: {{site_url_shortener}}



What are the benefits?

  • Klaviyo is an amazing tool for automating emails based on subscriber action
  • Klaviyo offers conditional logic to target specific subscribers
  • Follow-up emails can be sent as reminders after X amount of days
  • Klaviyo's drag-and-drop editor is easy to use
  • Most merchants already use Klaviyo so all of their data can now live in one place for emails

What are the recommendations?

If you need help with creating flows, reach out to success@skio.com and our Success Team can help copy over some pre-built flow templates into your account.

Event Metric (for flows)



Skio: Billing Reminder Notification

Notify subscribers before their order processes

Upsell with 1-time addons, offer skips, delays, and other quick-actions

Skio: New Subscription Created

Create a post-purchase flow for new subscribers to get them excited about their new subscription

Educate them on the product, set expectations, and introduce them to the customer portal

Skio: Subscription Cancelled

Follow up with subscribers after they cancel to win them back

Incentivize subscribers to reactivate with discounts or tailored messaging based on their cancellation reason

Skio: Subscription Paused

Remind subscribers who paused their subscription to unpause

Avoid losing out on revenue with helpful reminders to unpause

Skio: Subscription Renewed

Send a tailored order confirmation email to subscribers

Remind subscribers of the unique benefits of being a subscriber

Skio: Card Expiration Notification

Remind subscribers before their credit card is expired to update their payment method on file to prevent passive churn

Prevent unnecessary churn

Skio: Billing Attempt Failed

Notify subscribers when their payment method fails to get them to update their payment method and prevent passive churn

Merchants can lose up to 15% a month from passsive churn


SMS Marketing Apps

What are the benefits?

  • Create special marketing campaigns and strategies tailored to your subscribers
  • Separate your marketing phone number from Skio's transactional SMS notifications to prevent subscribers from accidentally opting out of both
  • Keep your marketing phone number for marketing and your Skio transactional phone number just for subscription management and reminders

What are the recommendations?

  • Create segments for:
    • Inactive subscribers
    • Active subscribers

Things to consider

All recommendations are optional and may not be best for every merchant. The recommendations above are suggestions that will work well for most merchants on Skio since they rely on Klaviyo (the most commonly used email marketing tool for Shopify) and Skio's own SMS notifications (which are free and easy to turn on).

If you need additional help with your notification strategy, feel free to reach out to success@skio.com and our Success Team can help answer any questions and offer more tailored strategic support.



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