Manually Create Subscriptions Manually Create Subscriptions

Manually Create Subscriptions

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  • Skio allows merchants to create subscriptions within the app for any current subscriber
  • The subscriber can exist as a customer already in Shopify or be completely new
  • This must be done individually. We cannot bulk add subscribers outside of a migration from another platform. For migrations please contact your success manager or


Setup Instructions

Note: To manually create subscriptions for any customers they need to exist in Shopify with a first name, last name, and email address. In order to complete the process without manually entering credit card information the customer must also have a current subscription with you. 

During this process do not hit back on your browser. Doing so will stop the process entirely. If you need to go back to change information you previously entered, use the 'Return to x' buttons at the bottom of each screen.

Step 1: Select “Create Subscription” on the Subscription page in the Skio dashboard. 


This will bring up a new screen to walk you through creating the subscription. 

Step 2: Select the customer you wish to add the subscription for. If the customer does not exist in Shopify you can create them here with "Create new customer"

Step 3: Select the shipping address for this subscription. If no addresses are found in Shopify for this customer you can add an address here


Step 4: Build the subscription by selecting the type of subscription (prepaid or subscribe and save) the interval for the subscription (pulled from the possible intervals in your selling plans) and add the specific product(s) that the subscription will contain.



Step 5: Confirm payment details. In this step you can either select an existing payment method (only if the customer has previously had a subscription with your store) or manually enter a new credit card as a payment method for this subscription. 



You will then need to add the billing address for the customer as well based on this card. 


After entering the billing information confirm the new card.

Step 6: Review and submit. Here you can review the information and confirm the creation of the new subscription. 



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