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The Rivo integration uses Skio’s Embedded Blocks and Rivo’s developer toolkit to provide a flexible, low-code way to display your customer's points and rewards right within the Skio customer portal. 


What is the Rivo integration?


The integration with Rivo enables you to display Rivo Loyalty data on your Skio customer portal using an Embedded Block. The integration relies on Rivo’s developer toolkit and uses Rivo JS. Not using Rivo yet? Get in touch with the Rivo team. Visit Rivo’s Help Center to understand more about how Rivo works with Skio. 


Already using Rivo? Let’s dive in.

Important considerations 


  • This feature will require a developer or someone familiar with using custom code.
  • If you have questions about the code example provided, email Rivo at success@rivo.io 
  • You must be using a Rivo plan that supports their developer API use to use this feature.
  • Your Rivo points program should be enabled for this to function
  • If a customer doesn’t have any rewards redeemed, there will not be any codes shown
  • You can customize the code snippet


What does the Rivo integration in the embedded block do?


The Rivo integration in a Skio Embedded Block pulls in Rivo Loyalty data and displays it on the Skio profile page using Rivo’s Javascript API. In the example below under Setup instructions, we specifically show how you can display the points balance, as well as any codes that a customer has redeemed.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 10.26.38 AM.png

How does it work?


The Rivo integration in a Skio Embedded Block pulls in any custom data you want from Rivo’s Javascript API. Since Skio and Rivo share the Shopify customer profile as the account – the customer’s points and loyalty activity will show dynamically. From the Embedded Block, a customer can copy and paste their Rivo reward codes and apply them toward their Skio subscription.

Setup instructions


Note: The following steps require knowledge of custom code implementation. Rivo has an example of this code on their help center which you can see here


  1. Open your Rivo Dashboard to the Developer Toolkit 
  2. Switch the Rivo Javascript API settings to on
  3. Open the Rivo help article and copy the example code snippet
  4. Open your Skio Portal Settings and scroll down to Custom Block
  5. Copy the snippet from the Rivo help article and paste it in your embedded block settings
  6. Click save on your Skio Portal settings page


Tip: The code used for the screenshot above for the Rivo block can be found on Rivo’s help center here or on Github here.




Can I add more Rivo loyalty data to the embedded block? 

Yes. You can use the Rivo JS Object to show different loyalty touchpoints on the portal page.


I have questions about Rivo and this integration. 

Get in touch with Rivo Technical Support by emailing success@rivo.io or book a demo here.


I want to show other data and metafields – how can I accomplish that?

To add any element above or below the Skio Login / Customer Portal, or to conditionally include CSS / JS / Liquid files only on Skio-specific pages, place the following Liquid logic above or below the {{ content_for_layout }} variable:


{% if request.path contains '/a/account' %}

<!-- your element / text / file include here -->

{% endif %}


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