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Smart Upsell

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  • Smart Upsell allows merchants to fine-tune the promotion of products through a rule-based carousel customization interface.
  • Select from an array of triggers to spotlight specific product groups to the right customers at the right time.
  • Smart Upsell employs a more intelligent approach to upselling by dynamically updating promotion groups with best sellers and personalized recommendations derived from your customers' purchasing behaviors
  • Automatically hide out-of-stock items from the Smart Upsell selections.

Common Use Cases

Smart Upsell will allow you to: 

  • Promote your best sellers to everyone
  • Promote recommended upsells to new subscribers 
  • Promote specific upsells to customers subscribed to a certain product
  • Promote a set group of upsells during a new launch
  • Target customers who have a certain Shopify tag
  • Create multiple rules and create a hierarchy of which are shown to your customers


Audiences are sets of customers that are shown the upsell rule you create. There are 4 audiences to choose from:

  • Everyone
  • Subscribers with product(s)
  • Subscribers with subscriptions created in the last (n) days
  • Subscribers with Shopify tag(s)

Promotional Group Types

Promotional group types are the kinds of products that are promoted to your chosen promotional group. You can select the same promotion groups for multiple people. When adding a promotion group, you’ll be able to select an existing group or create a new group. The default groups are:

  • Best Selling Products (Refreshed daily)
  • Recommended (Refreshed daily)
  • Selected Products (chosen by you)
  • Products with tag(s) - ones with certain Shopify product tags

How to Set Up Smart Upsell

The Smart Upsell can be found in Skio under Features, go here to get started and create your first rule!

Enable the Smart carousel and create new rule 

Smart carousel: 11-08 13-07.jpg

  1. Create a rule name (only visible to you)
  2. Choose your Audience:

    • Everyone - all subscribers
    • Subscribers with a certain product(s) - This applies to all subscriptions of a customer. If the customer can see it on their portal as an active subscription, they will see the promotion
    • Subscribers with subscriptions created in the last (n) days - target new subscribers
    • Subscribers with Shopify tag(s) - Add tags in Shopify for your subscribers and Skio will pull those in to form an Audience

Create your Promotional Group

Create a new group now and later you can create new rules from existing groups that you've created!

Note: Changes made to an existing group will change that group globally, which may impact existing rules.

1. Go to "Create new promotion group", give the group a name and set the priority:

    • The rule priority will determine the order in which multiple rules will be applied to a user. For example, if you wanted a rule to apply to everyone (with priority "Low"), and another rule to apply to all users with "Product A" (with priority "High"), users with "Product A" will see both recommendations, but with the latter promotion group positioned higher in the upsell list



2. Choose your Promotion group type

  • Best Selling Products (Refreshed daily)
  • Recommended (Refreshed daily)
  • Selected Products (chosen by you)
    • Select the products and variants to promote
  • Products with tag(s)
    • You'll be prompted to choose tags pulled from Shopify and products with these shopify tags will be eligible for this promotion group

promo group.jpg

3. Choose the number of products to show in the carousel

    • This is the maximum number of products to promote from this group. By limiting the number of promoted products, you can make it so customers see multiple promotions on their subscription portal. If you have set an explicit list of products to promote, this value will be ignored.

4. Choose a tag name (optional) and customize the colors

    • Eg. you can add a tag which says Recommended for you or Popular item
      • protip: you can use our variables in the tag for extra customization!
    • You will also need to enable the promotional group badges in the Settings sidebar for these to appear in the portal:


5. Tap Done to save the Promotional Group

6. Tap Done Editing when you've set up the rule the way you want

    • You can now repeat this process to create multiple rules with different priorities!

7. Tap the green Save Changes in the top right when you've added all your rules


We recommend also enabling Hide out of stock products from carousel if you are tracking inventory so that customers are not able to choose products that are not in stock - lowering friction in the upsell process.

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