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Bulk operations is a feature in Skio that allows you to make changes to a large number of subscriptions at once without needing to contact support. This tool allows you to perform common bulk updates on subscriptions including price updates, product swaps, and SKU swaps.  

When a bulk operation is setup, Skio will generate a preview of subscriptions that will meet the conditions and are eligible for the operation(s). After the bulk operation has been triggered, Skio will also generate an exportable log of successes and failures to help with reporting and even uploading into tools like Klaviyo for communication purposes.

Bulk actions available:

  • Swap product variants
  • Bundle expansion
  • Add/remove discount
  • Add/remove product
  • Update Product price
  • Change interval
  • Delay billing
  • Override next billing
  • Override delivery price
  • Swap boxes
  • Resync products
  • Create Segment

You can filter and select what subscriptions to make these operations on only your active subscriptions or on canceled, failed, and paused subscriptions as well. 

How to perform a bulk operation

On the bulk operations page in the Skio app, there are two tabs: Start operation and History. By default, the Start operation page will populate and this is what you'll use to perform your bulk update. Later in this guide we'll discuss how to use the History page to review past operations and pull exports of subscriptions that had updates performed.

The bulk operation tool is simple to use and can perform an action in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the subscription type
  2. Choose the conditions that need to be met for the subscription to be updated
  3. Choose the action(s) that should be performed on the subscription

Step 1: Choose the subscription type

There are two choices: regular recurring subscription and prepaid subscription. Most subscriptions are regular recurring subscription. If you need to run a bulk update on both subscription types, simply run two different bulk updates, one for regular subscriptions and another for prepaids.

Step 2: Choose the conditions that need to be met for the subscription to be updated

Then select the conditions that must be true for the action to be performed. By default, the tool will populate an active status condition since most bulk updates will be performed on active subscriptions.

Conditions can be setup with AND, OR, and AND/OR conditions. It can be helpful to use "exclude" operators to make sure certain subscriptions are excluded from the update. A common reason for this is to capture subscriptions that might contain one of two items, but not a third.

Here are the current available conditions:

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 2.31.14 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-12 at 2.31.31 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-12 at 2.31.53 PM.png

  • Day of week: If a subscription has a set charge day of the week, this condition can filter for specific charge days of the week.
  • Migrated from another platform: This identifies subscriptions that were migrated from another platform. 
    • Note: If a subscriber had a migrated subscription and created another subscription, this will only capture the migrated subscription
  • Next billing date: The next billing date falls on, before, or after the selected date. 
  • Order number: The current order number of the subscription. For example, subscription with 3 orders would be order number = 3.
  • Order count: The total count of orders processed by the subscription. 
  • Subscription created date: The created at date for the subscription.
  • Subscription country: If the shipping address country is selected (can select multiple).
  • Subscription ID: This condition allows you to add Subscription ID's that will be impacted by the operartion.
  • Subscription status: This condition identifies subscriptions with specific statuses.
  • Subscription interval: The frequency of the subscription. 
  • Total quantity: The total quantity of products in the subscription. If a subscription has 1 x Product A and 1 x Product B OR 2 x Product A, both will have quantity = 2.
  • Total value: The total dollar value of the subscription which is the sum of each product's subscription price * quantity in the subscription
  • Discount code: If the subscription contains any of the discount codes entered. 
  • Contains product: This identifies if a specific product is included in the subscription at the time of the bulk operation.
  • Exclude products: This identifies if a specific product is excluded in the subscription at the time of the bulk operation. The exclusion condition is helpful to pair with the "contains product" condition.
  • Contains boxes: This condition will identify subscriptions that have a specific build-a-box in the subscription. 
    • Note: The contains boxes condition will only work if your store has Skio's build-a-box feature enabled.
  • Audit log: This allows a specific action in the audit log to be filtered in or out of the bulk operation. 
  • Cancel flow: This is the reason specified upon entering the cancel flow.
  • Lifetime value: This is the total revenue (excluding shipping, taxes, and refunds) processed on the subscription
    • Note: This applies to the subscription and not the subscriber. If a subscriber has multiple subscriptions, this condition will capture the revenue generated for the specific subscription and not an aggregate of revenue across all of the subscriber's subscriptions.
  • Surprise and Delight: This condition filters customers who were or were not qualified for a surprise and delight gift.
  • Customer tag: If a customer has or does not have a specified tag.

Step 3: Choose the action(s) that should be performed on the subscriptions

One or more actions can be performed in a bulk operation. 

Here are the available actions that can be performed:

  • Swap product variants
  • Bundle expansion
  • Add/remove discount
  • Add product
  • Update product price
  • Remove products
  • Change interval
  • Delay billing
  • Override next billing
  • Swap boxes

Available actions

Below are examples of the different types of actions that can be performed with helpful use cases. 

Swap product variants

When selecting swap, pick the old product and the new product to move the customer to. This selection is variant specific so if you are changing multiple variants you will need to add the action for each variant. This is valuable when you are going to deprecate a product in Shopify and you want to move customers to a new version. 

Bundle expansion

The bundle expansion is an action that allows you to split up a single-SKU/product bundle into the individual products. A typical use case is splitting up a pre-built kit into the individual products to allow subscribers to add/remove products to help avoid cancelling the entire subscription. When this action is used the merchant selects the price of each of the new variants added to the subscription independent of the selling plan discount. This means the price you set in the action is the price the customer will end up paying moving forward.

Add/remove discount

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 2.43.47 PM.png

Skio allows you to add or remove custom discounts (not Shopify discount codes) to subscriptions. This custom, Skio discount can either be a permanent discount or apply to a specific number of orders. The title given here will show up on the customer’s portal and order information.

Add/remove product

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 2.44.58 PM.png

With add/remove product you can add or remove a product either as a part of the subscription ongoing for each order or as a one time add-on. The price override option empowers you to select whatever price you want the product to cost. By default, the product will be added as a recurring, subscription product but selecting "one-time upsell" will ensure this product is only added once.

If the product should be added for free, simply set the price override to 0.

Use this action to also remove specific products. Remember that the conditions in the bulk operation will filter to include and exclude certain subscriptions even if they have the product selected so make sure the conditions match the intended outcome.

Update product price

Use this action to perform price updates for products. Simply choose the product and the new price that subscribers should pay going forward after the operation is completed. Remember that the conditions in the bulk operation will filter to include and exclude certain subscriptions even if they have the product selected so make sure the conditions match the intended outcome. 

Change interval

Use this action to change the shipping interval for subscriptions. 

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 10.32.07 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 1.20.46 PM.pngOnce you have selected your action you can preview how many subscriptions will get modified with the bulk action. You can also download a .csv file of the subscriptions that will be modified so you can double check or make changes to your conditions. 

Keep in mind that this preview will not refresh automatically so if you take too long to review the export, it is possible that some subscriptions that were originally included may no longer be eligible for the bulk operation. This should be a relatively rare occurrence. 



How do I export success and fails after an operation has been run?

  • Under the "History" tab, Skio provides metrics for each bulk operation performed as well as exports of all successfully updated and failed to update subscriptions

If I run a bulk operation and I make a mistake is there a rewind or undo option?

  • No, currently there is not an undo option. If you are concerned about making a change that will effect your customers negatively we encourage you to reach out to help@skio.com so we can assist you in making bulk changes to your program



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