How to optimize Surprise & Delight notifications How to optimize Surprise & Delight notifications

How to optimize Surprise & Delight notifications



  • How the surprise and delight notifications work
  • What are all the different options
  • Leveraging Klaviyo for email notifications
  • Leveraging Skio's SMS & email notifications
Note: Some features will be referenced in this guide. You can learn more about those features here: Skio Notifications, Klaviyo integration, Surprise & delight

How to set up

Skio's Surprise & Delight feature empowers merchants to reward subscribers with free add-ons or additional discounts at specific orders counts post-purchase. For example, you can give subscribers to Product A a free add-on (Trial Size Pack) on their 3rd order.

The important takeaway for how Surprise & Delight works is that the feature triggers when the prior order processes. For example, if you gift a free add-on for Order 3, the S&D feature will trigger immediately when Order 2 processes. This means that any notifications will natively trigger immediately after the order processes.

Please note that Skio does check to make sure the subscription is still eligible for the rule before the order processes to prevent subscribers receiving a product if they're no longer eligible.

What are all the ways to send a S&D Notification?

  • Through Skio (SMS & Email)
  • Through Skio's Integrations (SMS & Email)
    • Klaviyo
      • Skio has a custom Surprise & Delight event metric that triggers when a subscription has an eligible surprise & delight reward for the next order (remember this triggers after the previous order processes)
      • Skio also passes over Surprise & Delight data for all metrics sent into Klaviyo including product information for the Upcoming Order/Billing Reminder notification




When This Triggers

Surprise & Delight - Product (Email)


Immediately after the prior order processes

Surprise & Delight - Discount (Email)


Immediately after the prior order processes

Surprise & Delight - Product (SMS)


Immediately after the prior order processes

Surprise & Delight - Discount (SMS)


Immediately after the prior order processes

Surprise and delight rule applied (all integrations)

All integrations including Klaviyo

Immediately after the prior order processes triggers the event, but this can delayed within the platform (more below)



  • Turn on Skio's SMS notification that apply to your Surprise & Delight rule (product and/or discount)
    • Why? This is a free text sent by Skio and will send to every subscriber who has a phone number on their account (sent as a transactional text, no marketing SMS opt-in required)


  • Create a Klaviyo (or other integration) flow that triggers specifically for this event
    • In this flow, we created an email that will fire the day AFTER their recent order processed along with a follow up reminder 2 weeks later
    • Here's a video tutorial: Surprise & delight flows 
  • (Recommended) customize the Upcoming Order/Billing Reminder flow in Klaviyo (or other integration) with conditional logic so the subscriber receives a unique email with the Surprise & Delight product/discount information if they have it applied to their upcoming order
    • Within Klaviyo, create a trigger split that uses the Surprise & Delight product data in the "Billing Reminder" event
    • Skio passes over a "hasSurpriseProduct" and "hasSurpriseDiscount" values for all events that can be used in trigger splits
    • Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 10.11.20 AM.png 
    • Here's an example of the Surprise & Delight product information including in the Billing Reminder event datascreenshot-2023-03-13-at-3-09-47-pm.png


Things to consider

Why these recommendations?

Skio's Surprise & Delight feature is designed to increase retention, help to reduce churn, and improve the subscriber experience overall. The only way to do this is by ensuring subscribers are notified ahead of time so they stick around for their order and receive the gift.

Our recommendation above sends an SMS notification immediately after their order processes, email reminders via Klaviyo, and (optional) allows you to send a custom billing reminder email for subscribers who are going to receive a free gift or added discount.

What does it look like in the customer portal?

We have you covered! We built our new customer portal with Surprise & Delight in mind. Notice how we tag the free gift with a "Surprise gift" (different from the "One-time" add-on tag) and show a "Free" price. Check out an example below:




I need help setting this up, who do I go to?

  • Reach out to our Success Team via anytime and our MSMs can help you with your notification strategy.

I don't see any Surprise & Delight data in Klaviyo, what's going on?

  • No need to worry, they'll show up soon! Klaviyo requires a real event to occur so you may need to have the Surprise & Delight rule turned on before you can fully setup your Klaviyo notifications.

I setup Klaviyo a long time ago and don't see a Surprise & Delight event, how do I get that?

  • Skio launched a brand new Klaviyo integration in January 2023. Learn how to set it up here: Klaviyo Integration V3

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