Gorgias integration Gorgias integration

Gorgias integration

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How to setup:

  1. On your Gorgias account, navigate to the app store (Settings -> App Store -> All apps -> Search 'Skio') and install the Skio integration.
  2. When you click install, you will be asked to allow Skio access to key parts of your Gorgias account. This is necessary to receive ticket events and update customer information. 
  3. Click confirm, and you will be brought back to the Skio dashboard where you should now see that you are successfully connected to Gorgias
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See your Gorgias integration status on the integrations page.

Connecting multiple Shopify stores to one Gorgias account:

Follow these steps if you want multiple stores to be used to fulfill customer information in a single Gorgias account.

  1. Navigate to the Gorgias integrations page on the Skio dashboard on the Skio account which is currently connected to your Gorgias account
  2. Take note of the Gorgias account name and the Gorgias access token.
    1. Please note that this is not the same as an API key that you can generate on Gorgias, and the access token is not available through the Gorgias dashboard. You'll need to use the value available from this page.
  3. Now, sign into the Skio dashboard of the store that you would like to connect. Navigate to the same page and click Link an existing integration
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  4. Enter the information you saved from the previous Skio dashboard and click Save.

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