Volume discount

Overview (TL;DR)

  • Volume discounts allow you to automatically discount your customers subscriptions when they hit the criteria of your choosing!
  • This can be a great way to reward your most loyal customers who buy multiple products from you

What is a Volume discount?

Within Skio, you can set it up to automatically discount your customers' subscriptions if they have a certain quantity of product in their subscription. For example, if a customer has 3+ items in their subscription, they could automatically receive an extra 5% discount!

When setting up your volume discount, you can choose what type of discount to offer - whether it's a percentage off or fixed amount discount - and which products qualify.

Volume discounts apply to any and all recurring orders but won't apply to the first order.

How do I set it up?

  1. Go to your Skio Dashboard
  2. Click on Rules on the left-hand menu
  3. Click on + New in the top
  4. Choose Volume discount as the type of discount
  5. Select which products you want to offer the volume discount on then click Continue. You can also click Select All to choose every
    subscription product.
    If you select multiple products here, if your customer has multiple products in their subscription, that would qualify for the discount.

    For example, if I were setting up a rule to save 5% with 3 or more products in the subscription, and I were to select all products here, if my customer had 1 pup friend, 1 nature pup and 1 cheeky wolf in their subscription, they'd quantify for the 5% off. This would also be true if they had 1 pup friend and 2 cheeky wolfs, and so on.

    If you want to make it so customers only save for buying a specific type of product, say save 5% when buying 3 or more shampoos, you'd want to set up a rule and add only the shampoo products to that rule, and repeat this for any grouping you choose. If you want to encourage buying multiples of a specific product, you'd make a new rule for each product.
  6. In the next screen, there are a few fields to complete
    1. The amount of the discount
    2. The type of discount
    3. If you want this to be set as a minimum or exact for the amount of products
    4. The amount required
    5. Duration, optional
    6. The name of the rule
  7. Click Done to create the rule

This rule will be now created and live on your site (unless you set up the start date under e to start in the future). Your customers will start being eligible to receive the volume discount.

How do I delete a Rule?

  1. Go to your Skio Dashboard
  2. Click on Rules on the left-hand menu
  3. Click the trashcan next to the rule you're looking to delete

Note: if a rule is deleted, any existing discounts will still stay on active subscriptions using that rule, but no new subscriptions will use the now-deleted rule.

How do I edit a Rule?

Currently, it's not possible to edit a rule. If you would like to change a rule, or add more products, you'll want to delete the rule and remake it with the changes! We're looking to add in editing in the near future so please reach out if you'd like to be notified once this is available.

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