Upgrading to New Skio Customer Portal

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  • Our Customer Portal v2 is our latest and greatest upgrade to the customer portal that subscribers use to manage their subscriptions
  • Customer Portal v2 was designed with mobile devices in mind and focuses on simple navigation to improve retention and reduce subscriber churn
  • With our v2 upgrade comes a completely rebuilt Cancel Flow from the ground up

How to upgrade to Customer Portal v2

Upgrading to our newest customer portal is incredibly easy. In fact, we made it so easy all that's needed is a simple switch of a button. On the Skio > Settings page, there is a new section titled, "New customer portal." Simply turn the setting to Yes to start displaying the upgraded portal.

Once toggled on, we recommend taking it for a test drive to see the upgrades yourself! If you want to customize the look, please make sure to read the section below.

How to customize the Customer Portal v2

Using your brand's colors is important in maintaining a consistent experience across every page of your website. Skio makes it incredibly easy to update the colors used in your customer portal on the Settings > Colors page. Make sure to include the "#" symbol since our system relies on the Hex code for all colors.

New Customer Portal Benefits

  1. Mobile-first Design
  2. Improved Subscription Management Experience
  3. Customer View Tool for CX Teams
  4. New Cancel Flow
    1. Includes Dynamic Actions by Reason
    2. California Law Compliant
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Video Walkthroughs

Upgrading to the New Customer Portal

Updating the Colors

Customer Portal Walkthrough

Customer View Button

Cancel Flow v2 Setup

Cancel Flow v2 Walkthrough


What is the California compliance in the cancel flow?

California law requires no barriers to cancellation for subscribers in California. Built into the new cancel flow is full compliance with the law which only impacts subscribers in California. For California subscribers, they will be cancelled immediately and then select the cancellation reason after they cancel (in accordance with the law).

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