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  • What is the Klaviyo integration?
    • The integration with Klaviyo allows you to send email and sms notifications through Klaviyo instead of within Skio 
  • Why should I send notifications through Klaviyo?
    • Klaviyo has different filters and an easy stylizing tool which makes sending emails and creating flows extra easy
    • Having all of your emails tracked in one tool is better for analytics
  • How do Klaviyo notifications differ from Skio notifications?
    • All notifications can be send from Skio or Klaviyo
  • I don't see the metric in Klaviyo, what do I do?
    • Klaviyo will only pull in the metric once the webhook has fired at least once from Skio
    • We built out a tool in Skio that allows you to fire a fake webhook to push the metric into Klaviyo (see video below)

Suggested Klaviyo subscription flows

  • Subscription started flow - target new subscriptions with their own email flow separate from 1-time customers in Shopify
  • Subscription cancellation flow - reach out to subscribers who cancelled to win them back
  • Failed payments/dunning - target your subscribers with outdated payment methods to remind them to update their payment method

Suggested Klaviyo subscription segments 

  • Active subscribers - create a segment of all your active subscribers
  • Cancelled subscribers - create a segment to track the subscribers who cancelled
  • Reactivated subscribers - track subscribers who reactivated a cancelled subscription
  • VIP subscribers - use the skio_active_subscription_count to track subscribers with multiple subscriptions

Supported Functions:

Metric triggers: 

  • Billing Attempt Failed
  • Cancelled Subscription
  • Order upcoming on Skio
  • New subscription created 
  • Subscription reactivated
  • Subscription skipped 
  • Subscription set next date

Profile properties: 

  • Subscription Status (ACTIVE or CANCELLED)
  • skio_active_subscription_count - number of active subscriptions 
  • skio_inactive_subscription_count - number of inactive subscriptions (failed or cancelled) 
  • skio_active_subscriptions - array of active subscription properties, can be empty
  • skio_inactive_subscriptions - array of inactive subscription properties, can be empty

Subscription properties (available on skio_active_subscriptions or skio_inactive_subscriptions):

  • cyclesCompleted - how many subscription cycles have successfully been completed
  • cancelledAt - the date the subscription was cancelled at or None 
  • nextBillingDate - date of the next billing 
  • interval - WEEK, DAY, MONTH 
  • intervalCount - a number that represents the number of weeks, days or months 
  • lines - contains information for the subscription lines 
    • quantity 
    • productTitle - if available 
    • productVariantTitle - if available 

Variables to use within emails:

Variant Name: {{ event.products.0.product_variant_name }}

Product Title: {{ event.products.0.product_name }}

Quantity: {{ event.products.0.product_variant_quantity }}

Account Login: {{ event.manageSubscriptionUrl }}

Next Order Date: {{ event.nextOrderDate }}

Order price: ${{ event|lookup:'$value' }}

Product image: {{ event.products.0.product_image }}

Variant image: {{ event.products.0.product_variant_image }}

Profile custom properties example: 

Klaviyo resources:

Video walkthroughs

Klaviyo integration setup

Passing notifications into Klaviyo

Send a test event into Klaviyo (for missing metrics)

Setting up flows in Klaviyo

Using custom properties in Klaviyo

Creating subscription segments in Klaviyo

Using quick actions in Klaviyo

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Step 1: Double check your Klaviyo integration keys
  • Step 2: Understanding Klaviyo metrics and customer properties
    • You can use customer properties to target subscribers in flows, campaigns, and create dynamic segments of your customers
    • Klaviyo metrics
      • Skio will pass specific metrics into Klaviyo through web hooks
      • Important: A metric will only populate in Klaviyo after the integration is setup AND the event actually fires in your Skio store
      • If you are missing any of the metrics, a test event can be fired from within Skio 
  • Step 3: Create your first flow
    • Here are the current metrics sent into Klaviyo from Skio:
    • Billing Attempt Failed
    • Cancelled Subscription
    • Order upcoming on Skio
    • New subscription created 
    • Subscription reactivated
    • Subscription skipped 
    • Subscription set next date
    Flows are triggered by certain metrics or events (used interchangeably in Klaviyo)
    • To trigger a subscription flow, use a Skio metric
    • Klaviyo offers both trigger filters and flow filters 
      • Trigger filters: Add a trigger filter so the event trigger only fires under certain conditions
      • Flow filters: Add a flow filter to limit who is added into the flow
    • Using the actions sidebar, add your first email to the flow (or text)
      • After adding in an email, make sure to add UTM tracking and other properties
    • To edit the message of the email or text, click “configure content”
      • Klaviyo provides a simple drag and drop email editor
      • In the email editor you can:
        • Add in dynamic variables
        • Use quick actions
        • Add in images and any styling elements for your brand
    • Setting up a text message is the same process as an email
    • Klaviyo also allows for time delays and logic splits to develop more advanced flows

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