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  • Overview
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  • Quick Actions is a feature available in the Skio Dashboard that allows you to create links that take a designated action on the subscription if the customer clicks on that link
  • This feature can create dynamic variables that can be used in emails sent by Skio or added to Klaviyo emails or universal links
  • Setup takes only a few minutes for adding to emails in Klaviyo or any of Skio's notifications (both SMS and email)

For Quick actions to function properly in Klaviyo the most up to date Klaviyo integration must be connected. You can find more information on setting that up here

What actions are available?

Action Name

Action Function


Add Product Variant

Adding an additional product to their subscription (recurring)

The product will be added with the same frequency as the subscription even if the product being added does not have the same selling plan.

Apply Discount

Applying a Shopify discount code to their subscription

The discount code in Shopify must apply to subscription orders and be applied during the eligibility period.


Delay the subscription's next charge date by X days, weeks, months

This will delay all products in that subscription by the selected interval.

Get Now

Process the next subscription order immediately

Skio has a 10-minute period between using "get now" to prevent accidental duplicate orders.


Reactivate a cancelled subscription

The subscription must be in a cancelled state for the reactivation to work.

Reactivate + Apply Discount

Reactivate a cancelled subscription & apply a Shopify discount to their next order or orders (depending on the discount setting)

The subscription must be in a cancelled state for the reactivation to work and the Shopify discount must apply to subscription orders.

Reactivate + 1-time Add-on

Reactivate a cancelled subscription & apply a add a 1-time add-on product to their next subscription order

The subscription must be cancelled and the 1-time add-on must not have been already added to the subscription (to prevent accidental duplicates).

Change Interval

Change the subscription's shipping/billing frequency to a new interval (eg. From every 30 days to every 60 days)

This will change the interval for all products in the subscription. Splitting a subscription can allow for management per product.

Add 1-time Upsell

Add a product to the subscription's next (or upcoming) order at the 1-time add-on price (configured in Skio)

The 1-time add-on must be configured to be "1-time upsell eligible" in the product page.

Reset Payment Method

Send an email from Shopify to the subscriber that includes a link to update their payment method on file

This email is sent from Shopify and the content can be customized in Shopify Notifications.

Swap Product

Swap a product (eg. Swap Product A for Product B)

The subscription must contain the "swap from" product.

How do quick actions work?

Quick actions are url links that take the subscriber to their account and performs an action on their subscription. The subscriber must be logged into their customer portal for the confirmation button to appear for each action. If the subscriber is not logged in, they will be taken to the login screen with a message that instructs them to log in for the action to be completed.

How to setup Quick Actions

Quick Actions urls can be created within the Quick Actions page in the Skio app. Simply choose the integration you want the link formatted for, the action, any relevant details for that specific action, and then copy the link! The link that is generated is unique for the integration so a Klaviyo link should be chosen for using in Klaviyo whereas the Skio link is used for all notifications sent from Skio (email and SMS). A different link is required for each integration because of how the app dynamically pulls the subscription's ID for the subscriber who clicks on the link.

Here's how to create a link to delay subscriptions 2 weeks for Klaviyo flows:

Are there any recommendations or best practices?

Quick Action


Use Case

Add 1-time Upsell

Skio Email or Klaviyo

Offer 1-time add-ons in the billing reminder/upcoming order email


Skio Email or Klaviyo

Offer to delay by X days or weeks in the billing reminder/upcoming order email

Reset Payment Method

Skio's Billing attempt failure (SMS)

Cut out the steps to update their payment method by having the link send the user the email to update their credit card in Shopify Payments

Reactivate + Apply Discount


Use this action in a cancellation winback flow to offer subscribers who cancelled a discount on their next order (or orders) if they reactivate

Apply Discount


Allow subscribers to apply discount codes to their next order; great for birthday campaigns and easily including subscribers during upcoming promotional sales


Can links be deleted?

Links cannot be deleted but they can be removed from notifications to prevent future use.

What's the best way to store links for future use?

Since the generated links aren’t currently saved within Skio, we advise that you store them for future use in a separate document.

Can I use quick actions in Klaviyo campaigns?

No, Skio Quick Action links need to be sent via a Klaviyo flow and not via a campaign. The quick action needs to be able to reference the specific subscription ID which we only pass via metrics in Klaviyo. The reason we can't (at least for now) send via campaigns is because a subscriber could have multiple subscriptions and Klaviyo would not know which subscription to reference in the quick action.

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