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  • Overview (TL;DR)
  • What is it?
  • Why should I use it?
  • How do I set it up?
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    Overview (TL;DR)

    • Quick Actions is a feature available in the Skio Dashboard that allows you to create links for emails that take a designated action on the subscription if the customer clicks on that link
    • This feature creates dynamic variables that can used in emails sent by Skio or added into Klaviyo emails
    • Setup takes only a few minutes for adding into email campaigns or flows
    • With Quick Actions, subscribers could: skip their next order, change their shipping frequency, add a 1-time add-on to their next subscription order, or refer a friend with a link that takes the friend directly to checkout

What is it?

Quick Actions is a very helpful feature that improves Skio email notifications and you can use Quick Actions via our integration with Klaviyo that allows for simple actions to be taken on a subscription without a customer ever needing to log into their customer portal. Our system will create a link that you will then paste into Klaviyo as an email button which a customer would click on and clicking on that button will trigger whatever action you setup in Skio. Our Quick Actions links can be used in emails sent by Skio (Skio Dashboard > Notifications ) or in Klaviyo emails and campaigns to help remove friction with the call to action you’re presenting the customer. Skio already makes logging into a subscriber’s account pain-free and Quick Actions is just another way to empower your subscribers to effortless manage their subscription without needing to login.

Why should I use it?

Whether you are wanting to increase revenue, make subscription management even easier, or increase referrals, Quick Actions is another tool in your Skio arsenal.

Video Walkthroughs

What is a quick action?

What quick actions are available?

Adding quick actions to Skio notifications

Using quick actions in Klaviyo

Text Walkthrough

Setting up Quick Actions in Skio Notifications or in Klaviyo is a very easy process. To simplify the process, we have a Quick Action page in your Skio Dashboard. To use Quick Actions in Klaviyo, you’ll need to make sure your Klaviyo integration is fully set up. If you haven’t integrated Klaviyo yet, please follow this guide: Klaviyo Integration . Using Quick Actions with notifications sent by Skio does not require Klaviyo.

Setup Guide

Step 1: Go to the Quick actions tab

  • Quick actions are an optional tool that can be setup at any time
  • There are 5 actions available:
    • Change subscription interval —> improves retention
    • Add 1-time upsell —> increase AOV
    • Skip order —> reduces churn
    • Request payment method link —> prevents passive churn
    • A checkout link to send to friends —> increases referrals

Step 2: Create your first Quick action variable

  • The copy button allows you to copy the variable name which you’ll use in notifications
  • The name can be fully customized 
  • Choose one of the available actions
  • You create as many quick actions as you want
  • Remember to click “save”

Step 3: Input the Quick action variable into a notification

  • For Skio email notifications
    • The quick action variable will auto populate in the email message
    • Copy and paste the variable (including brackets!) into the body of the message
    • An HTML exporter can be a good tool to simplify this process
    • Use the preview section to see what the customer will receive
  • For Klaviyo emails/texts
    • The quick action variables do not autopopulate in Klaviyo so you’ll need to copy the variable name from the Quick actions tab in Skio
    • Click the Klaviyo logo to copy the variable for Klaviyo
    • Why a Klaviyo button? Klaviyo requires a slightly different formatting for custom events and this copies the correct format for you
    • Go into whatever flow you are adding this variable into
    • Add the variable as a link in the email or text

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