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  • Skio allows merchants to create subscriptions within the app for any current subscriber
  • A subscriber must be in Skio for a subscription to be created for them (a payment method must be attached to that subscriber)
This is a new feature that Skio has built and as such we are calling it a beta and might have a few bugs as we continue to test and refine it. If you are not comfortable with the chance of bugs with this feature we ask that you give us some time to complete it. If you want to help us build and perfect this new feature please activate it and report anything out of the ordinary to our support team at We thank you for your continued partnership.


How to Manually Create Subscriptions

Creating a subscription manually is very easy in Skio. On the Subscriptions page within the Skio app, there is a "Create Subscription" button:

How to Create a Subscription Manually

  1. Select “Create Subscription”

  1. Choose the subscription type (regular or prepaid), the biling interval (months, weeks, days), and the interval count (1, 2, or 3 months):

  1. Choose the subscriber for the subscription, their payment method, and shipping address

  1. Select the products you want to add to this subscription (note: the products will only appear if the product has the interval selected on the prior screen):

  1. Click "create" and the subscription will now appear in Skio

This feature requires that the product being added to the subscription has a subscription plan that matches the shipping interval created; this can later be edited to a custom interval after its created.

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