Adding hidden 1-time add-ons for customers

Overview (TL;DR)

  • This feature allows you to hide certain 1-time add-ons from the customer portal but still add them as a Skio admin
  • Your CX team can now add 1-time orders to a subscribers next box even if the product isn't available to subscriber in their customer portal

What is it?

This feature empowers your CX team to add 1-time products to a subscribers' next order through the Skio admin. With this feature, merchants can add products that are not available on subscription as well as products that are not available in the customer portal. 

Many merchants want the ability to edit a subscriber's next order to include a 1-time product that is a special edition or give them a free product on their next order. This feature empowers your CX team to add "hidden" products onto the subscriber's next order.

Why should I use it?

Prior to this feature, a merchant could only add 1-time orders that were available in the customer portal. With this new feature, you can add whatever 1-time product you want to a subscriber's next order without allowing them to add it themselves. This feature is perfect for surprise and delighting customers as well as giving the merchant more control over a subscription.

How do I set it up?

Go to your Skio dashboard > products. 

Add the product and create a subscription plan for it, even if you don't want it be a subscription. You can set 0% discount if you'd like. 

The interval must be the same as the subscription you are trying to add it to. For example, if you are trying to add it to an every 30-day subscription, the one-time upsell must have an every 30-day plan. 

Check three checkboxes: 1-time upsell eligible & hide from edit products page and 1-time upsells for customers.

Make sure you setup a "subscribe and save" plan. Even though the product won't be available on subscription, a plan is required.

Save this subscription plan. 

Now you will see this item available in the subscriptions section of your dashboard. 

Notice the hidden items have a note "(hidden from customers)". 

If you want to prevent this product from being available on the storefront, simply keep the product active but remove it from all sales channels: 

The price of the 1-time upsell is determined by the price you set in Shopify, not the subscription price in Skio. 

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