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  • What is a group referral?
    • Group referrals is a built-in Skio feature that incentivizes subscribers to refer friends and family to sign up for a subscription
    • Every person in the group will get an additional discount for all recurring orders as long as everyone stays subscribed
  • Does this work independently from other referral or loyalty programs?
    • Yes! Group referrals are a built-in Skio tool that can work with your current loyalty program
  • Can I have more than 4 people in a group?
    • Right now we cap groups at 4 people to avoid discount abuse
  • Can I customize the referral link?
    • Yes! Right now the referral link takes the referee directly to the checkout with a prefilled cart to increase conversions, but we can edit this link so the referee can choose a different product

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Understanding group referrals

  • Explanation
    • Group referrals are an excellent way to acquire new customers while also increasing retention rates of your current subscribers
    • The classic “give $10, get $10” is hard to pull off and rarely improves retention rates…no stickiness!
    • With group referrals, the more friends added to the group (up to 4) the more the whole group saves

Step 2: Configuring group referral settings

  • Choose the discount %, this is incremental 
  • Choose whether you want to offer a $ or % discount
  • (Optional) change the group name
    • What’s a group name? 
      • We use group names to link products together
      • so if the group names for all your products are the same then it doesn’t matter what product you order because you’ll join the group
      • If you change the group names, then only products with the same group name will be linked

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