Group discount

Overview (TL;DR)

  • The group discount allows your customers to pool together to receive a discount for purchasing together.
  • The more people in the group the higher the discount (up to a maximum of 4 people).
  • Customers help you acquire new customers and they all benefit from a bulk discount that is spread out to each of them. 

What is it?

Skio's group discount feature allows you to set up lists of products that customers can purchase with their friends and family to share your great products at a discount. Think of this like buying in bulk at Costco, where your customers pool together to buy more products at a discounted rate but instead of a 1-time purchase you now have up to 3 new subscribed customers!

Why should I use it?

When it comes to running an e-commerce store, one of the biggest costs a store may face is customer acquisition. Whether you’re running email campaigns or running ads on social media, acquiring new customers isn’t free and is an important part of a growing online business. So, why not use your existing customer base to find new customers?
Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to grow your brand and acquire more customers. Your existing customers already love your products and the group discount feature makes it even more enticing for them to tell their friends and family about your products. Your customers will be happy with their increased discount and they get to feel good about getting their friends or family members a great discount as well.

How do I set it up?

When editing your subscription plans, you’ll see on the right side where you can adjust the group subscription amount.

The "Group set name" allows you to create a list of eligible products for the group. The discount amount should be the same for all selling plans in the same group.

Group set name is an experimental feature, we recommend that most merchants just use the "default" group. However, if you would like to create different groups feel free to reach out and we can assist with the setup to make sure it works for your use case. 


What happens if a group member leaves?

When a customer cancels their subscription, leaving the group, the group's discount will reduce by the appropriate amount.

Does everyone in a group have to subscribe to the same exact product/variant?

Not necessarily, all selling plans (and the products/variants they are on) that have the same "Group set name" can be a part of the same discount group. All of these products/variants will show up in the list of "Show eligible products" to the customer.

How does a new customer join an existing customer’s group?

Customers will need to share their group discount link and when their friends or family checkout after visiting the link with an eligible product, they will be added to the discount group.

How high can the group discount get?

Discount groups have a maximum discount of 3x the group's discount value. If you set the discount amount to 10% the maximum group discount will be 30%.

Is the group discount 1-time or recurring?

It is recurring for all users in the group, this helps to incentivize the customers to stay subscribed. If they leave (unsubscribe) the group discount for everyone will decrease. 

If a customer forgets to use a group discount link, can they be manually added?

No, it's not possible to manually add a subscription to a group discount, at this time. The customer can either cancel their existing subscription and sign up again using the link, or you can manually add a discount to this customer's subscription!

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