Exporting subscriptions and orders

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Overview (TL;DR)

  • Exports allow you to download a CSV of all subscriptions or orders within a time range.

How do I set it up?

  1. Go to your Skio Dashboard
  2. Click on Subscriptions on the left-hand menu
  3. Click Export on the top menu
  4. Select the type of export you want to receive and enter your email
  5. Click Export and wait up to 10 minute to receive the CSV in your inbox.

Subscription exports

The export will produce one row for each subscription line. Because it is possible to have multiple products (lines) on one subscription, the total number of rows will not equal the total number of subscriptions for your store.

Export options

You can choose to export either active subs or inactive subs.

  • Active subs: Will include subscriptions in dunning. See Dunning for more information.
  • Inactive subs: Will include cancelled subscriptions and paused subscriptions. See Pausing Subscriptions for more information.

Export fields

Field Name



ACTIVE: The subscription will renew in the future on the nextBillingDate.

FAILED: The subscription is in Dunning because the last billing attempt failed.

CANCELLED: The subscription is cancelled and will not renew.


CHURNED: The subscription was passively cancelled because we had more than the configured number of failed billing attempts.

DUNNING: The subscription is in the dunning process. This statusContext will only be present when status is equal to FAILED.


The quantity of products for this subscription line.


The per-unit price for this subscription line. To calculate the order value for this subscription line, you must multiply subscriptionLineQuantity with subscriptionLinePrice.

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