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  • The customer portal is the main way a subscriber will manage their subscription
  • Once a subscriber has logged in once, Skio will keep them logged in on that device which makes it easier to manage their subscription in the future
  • Most subscribers will log into Skio with our passwordless login feature
    • When a subscriber types in their email address, they will be sent a 4 digit 2FA code to their email as well as texted this code to their phone number on file (if they have one)
  • Skio will automatically create and activate the account once a subscriber checkouts (say goodbye to account activation complains from frustrated subscribers!) 

Customer Portal Actions

Logging In

Skip Order

Get Now

Change Charge Date

Updating Payment Method

Adding Products to a Subscription

Adding 1-time Products to the Next Order

Creating Custom Shipping Intervals

Editing Shipping Address

Pause Subscription

Unpause Subscription

Split Subscriptions

Note that Split does not support subs with (ie the option does not appear for subs with)
- any prepaid subscriptions
- containing one time upsell
- one time upsell
- surprise and delight products
- discounts

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