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  • What is the cancellation flow in Skio?

Skio allows you to customize cancellation reasons, offer incentives to prevent cancellations, and track saved subscriptions

  • How can I customize the cancellation flow?

Merchants can customize each cancellation reason, the rebuttal message, and the discount offered to prevent cancellations

  • Can I offer an incentive to prevent cancellation?

Yes! Merchants can setup a discount incentive when a subscriber tries to cancel with a built-in cooldown window to prevent abuse

  • Can I track cancellation data?

Yes! Both cancellation reasons and metrics on saved subscriptions are tracked in Skio

Setting up the cancel flow in Skio

Customer's perspective

Step 1: Choose cancellation reasons

  • On the left side of the page, choose up to 10 cancellation reasons to identify why subscribers are cancelling
  • Note: An “other” section will appear automatically as a cancellation reason and will ask the subscriber to type in a note to explain their cancellation reason
  • Cancellation reasons are added to each subscription
  • Merchants should try to have at least 5 cancellation reasons

Step 2: Choose message rebuttals

  • On the right side of page, choose up to 10 different cancellation rebuttals which will be displayed based upon the cancellation reason a subscriber chooses
  • A rebuttal is a message that will populate after the cancellation reason is shown and before the discount incentive is offered
  • Rebuttals are a great tool to educate subscribers about different actions they can take within the customer portal (swaps, custom shipping intervals if enabled, etc)

Step 3: Choose discount incentive & cooldown window

  • After a subscriber is shown their rebuttal reason, Skio can trigger an incentive discount that will apply to the next order to help prevent cancellations
  • The discount can be setup as a dollar off discount ($) or percentage off discount (%)
  • To prevent discount abuse, Skio offers a cooldown window which disables the discount incentive for a set number of days


  • With Skio, merchants can track cancellation reasons by product, the number of canceled subscriptions, and the number of saved subscriptions that started the cancellation flow and never cancelled
  • It is good practice to track cancellation reasons and update the reasons over time to better match the distribution of reasons
    • Cancellation reasons should be used to help understand different cohorts of subscribers 
    • Tracking cancellation reasons can be used for email flows to develop winback campaigns
    • Cancellation reasons can help to improve the top-of-funnel 

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