Theme debugging

Check your theme.liquid file

If the Skio plan picker is not rendering, it is usually best to double check your theme.liquid file to make sure you have the following renders after the <head> tag:

 {% render 'skio-head' %}
{% render 'skio-plan-picker-rewrites' %}

Your cart form should be wrapping the Skio render code

If the Skio plan picker is not rendering properly, make sure to check that the cart form is actually wrapping the skio-plan-picker render code:

Query the correct form or document

If the Skio plan picker is still not rendering, check to make sure that skio-plan-picker.liquid or skio-plan-picker-rewrites.liquid is properly querying the page (you might need to query a specific form instead of the entire document). Example query from skio-plan-picker.liquid:

 document.querySelector('.skio-plan-picker').dataset.product = JSON.stringify(product); 

Skio plan picker is not working correctly?

Console log the variables from skio-plan-picker-rewrites.liquid

In the case that your Skio plan picker is rendering but still having issues with grabbing variants/prices you will want to console log the functions within skio-plan-picker-rewrites.liquid to find the function call that might not be working properly.

Query the correct form or document

In most cases, the underlying issue for why variants/prices are not functioning properly is because the query for a certain element is not being done in the right way. Query modifications can be made to skio-plan-picker-rewrites.liquid to grab/modify the correct element from your page. 

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