Customize customer login

For developers, the Skio Customer Portal login can be customized by using CSS styling overrides from your theme.liquid file.A styling override example can be found below (styling generates the above image).

            #__next h1.pBj, #__next h2.pBj, #__next h3.pBj, .nextFrost h1.pBj, .nextFrost h2.pBj, .nextFrost h3.pBj {
              color: red !important;
              font-family: "Lucida Handwriting", Cursive;
            #__next .pBj, .nextFrost .pBj{
              color: blue !important;
            button[style] {
              background: purple !important;
              font-family: "Lucida Handwriting", Cursive;

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