Migrating to Skio with Authorize.net


  • Recharge uses a tool called Spreedly to vault the payment tokens for subscribers and Authorize.net  uses Spreedly to charge the cards
  • Authorize.net does not store the cards on their platform
  • Recharge will first need to release the tokens in Spreedly and then Authorize can export those tokenized payment methods AND the customer information as an exportable spreadsheet
  • Stripe will take this token export and import them into their system
  • Once this is done, there are two options:
  1. Skio can immediately migrate the Stripe tokens into Shopify Payments & migrate all of your current subscribers from Recharge (this needs to be communicated with Skio’s team and prepared in advance; this cannot be done without notice)
    1. This option can be done if Skio's team is given a heads up and we plan in advance; without advanced notice, there could be failed orders because Recharge needs to update the payment token for each subscriber to the new Stripe token
  2. Recharge’s team can help map the payment token for your current subscribers in Recharge from Authorize to Stripe to ensure no payment interruptions and THEN Skio will migrate the subscriptions with the Stripe token from Recharge
    1. This option is easier overall but it does require communication with Recharge's team to update the payment method for your subscriber's in Recharge's database
  • Note: Please keep Skio involved in the conversation with updates as much as possible; our team is more than happy to help explain these steps but Skio cannot migrate the tokens from Authorize to Stripe on your behalf


Step 1: Reach out to Recharge support with:

  • The payment credentials for your new payment processor (Stripe).
  • Provide the Secret Key and Publishable Key
  • A list of Recharge customers and their Customer IDs that should be transferred to the new payment processor.
  • Download the Customers Export for your store. Filter and remove any customers who should not be transferred to the new gateway. Send the finalized list of customers that must be transferred to the new account to the Recharge support team.

Step 2 - Contact Authorize.net

Step 3 - Contact your new gateway

  • Contact Stripe in your Recharge account to finish transferring your customers to Recharge.

Step 4 - Migrating subscribers into Skio

  • Once the tokens are migrated to Stripe, Skio can migrate them into Shopify Payments and complete the full migration of current subscribers (we'll handle this part)
  • Please let us know what day you want to migrate; email us anytime at migrations@skio.com

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