Migrations + Onboarding

​Skio Migration Hub

Hi 👋 This is our migrations hub. Our hub has everything you need for the migration in one section. Feel free to explore our help centre for other content. Please continue below for all your migration…

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​Migration overview

Outline: Video tutorial. Migration steps. Video tutorial.. Migration steps. Step 1: Setting up your Shopify theme. Timeline: 1 week. Our team needs collaborative access to your Shopify store. We’ll d…

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Account login page

Outline: Video walkthrough. Video Walkthrough..

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Who to Contact

Skio has a multitide of teams that are here to support you as a merchant. Here is a quick guide that will help you know who to speak with at different times. Skio Support. Reachable at help@skio.com.…

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Theme work scope

What is included in theme work? Our launch team will work with you to get Skio properly installed on your store and the existing theme is ready for new customers. We are also happy to work with your…

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Onboarding Guides

Hi 👋 This our Onboarding Hub. Our hub has guides for each feature in one section designed specifically for onboarding. Feel free to explore our help center for other content. New features and other g…

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