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Zendesk App

  1. To add the Skio Zendesk app, first download the private app from https://dashboard.skio.com/zendesk.zip
  2. Go to the Admin center in Zendesk
  3. Go to Zendesk Support Apps, click Private Apps, click Upload private app and upload zendesk.zip you just downloaded. For the app name type in "Skio". When you see the private app warning, click "Upload".
  4. Next, find your token on the settings page of Skio dashboard (https://dashboard.skio.com/settings). Copy this token.
  5. Insert this token into the token field in Zendesk and click install
  6. You should now see the Skio app in tickets! If the email matches a subscriber, the Skio Zendesk app will populate with revelant information:

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