Skio Launch Process Guide Skio Launch Process Guide

Skio Launch Process Guide

Welcome to the Skio family! 

We’re excited to help your store take the hair-pulling out of selling subscriptions!

This guide will walk Shopify merchants through the steps involved in the Skio Launch process. In this guide, we will detail the 3 stages to the Skio Launch process: 

  1. the Skio-theme integration
  2. going live with Skio on your store
  3. the Skio subscription-data migration process

If you have already gone live with Skio on your store, then you have already completed the Skio Launch process! If you have questions that aren’t answered in this guide, please reach out to the Skio Support team at for assistance!

Additionally, please be sure to review this list of potential use-cases that you should notify your Skio sales / Launch Engineer about prior to starting the integration with Skio!

Step 1: Skio theme integration

After you’ve installed the Skio app, filled out the requested forms, and have provided the Skio team with collaborator access to your Shopify store, we’ll be ready to start the Skio-theme integration!

The Launch team receives merchant integration requests from a “queue”, which merchants enter as soon as they have completed the Launch prerequisites. Merchants should expect to hear from the Launch team within 3-5 business days of completing the prerequisites, however you will often hear back from the Launch team sooner than this estimate.

The total timeline for the Skio integration and migration process is 2-4 weeks, with built-in buffers to allow for the merchant’s team to QA all frontend updates (i.e. the Skio widget and Skio-related pages), as well as review all data migration previews prior to the actual data migration. With that said, the sooner your team replies to emails from the Launch team, the sooner we will be able to get everything completed!

The Skio theme integration step refers to configuring settings in the Skio app (ex. configuring products for sale as subscriptions, setting up Automation actions, etc), as well as setting up the Skio widget on your store’s Product page to properly add either a onetime product or a subscription product to the cart when the corresponding purchase option is selected within the Skio widget.

For more information on the Skio theme integration process, please review this documentation!

Step 2: Going live with Skio on your store

Once your products are configured in the Skio app and your team has reviewed the Skio element on the Product page and approved, it’s time to start selling subscriptions!

Before publishing the Skio updates to your store, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure notifications are set up in the Skio app (if desired), and confirm that customers are able to navigate to the Skio Login / Customer Portal. This ensures your customers have a great experience purchasing and managing their subscriptions in your storefront!

To actually push the Skio updates live, you can typically publish the preview theme that was generated by the Launch team during the integration stage, however your Launch engineer should provide additional information regarding best practice for your specific store setup / codebase.

For more information on going live with Skio on your store, please review this documentation!

Step 3: Skio subscription-data migration

If you were using a subscription platform to sell subscriptions on your store prior to installing Skio, you will need to work with the Skio Launch team to migrate the subscription data from your previous subscription platform into Skio. This will allow for your existing subscribers to continue to be billed Skio, as well as be able to manage their subscriptions in the Skio Customer Portal.

After your store has been live with Skio for at least 24-36 hours, the Skio team will check that all new subscriptions are coming into Skio as expected, rather than the previous subscription platform. Once this has been confirmed, the Launch team will be able to produce a migration data preview for your team to review, which details all the subscriptions that will be moved from the previous subscription platform over to Skio. As soon as your team approves of the data migration preview, the Skio team will be able to flip the final switch to move the subscriptions into Skio!

This process typically takes 2-3 days. This allows the merchant to have time to QA the initial migration preview data as well as ask any clarifying questions they may have before moving forward.

For more information on the Skio subscription-data migration process, please review this documentation!

That’s it for the Launch Process!

With the above steps completed, your store is officially live with Skio and done with the Skio Launch Process! Please review our Help center ( for more information on topics not discussed in this guide, like Customizing the Skio widget via the Shopify Customizer tool (documentation)

If you ever need help, please be sure to email our amazing Skio Support team at !

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