Debugging guide for Quick actions Debugging guide for Quick actions

Debugging guide for Quick actions

Timothy Fraser Timothy Fraser

Getting started

When making quick actions to send to customers via email and SMS, it is important to test those quick action links first to ensure that they operate properly. You can learn how to create quick actions here


Things to look for

  1. Ensure the URL doesn’t have any unsubstituted variables like

    - qaToken={{ person.skio_qaToken|default:'' }}
    - /{{ person.skio_nextBillingActiveSubscriptionId|default:'' }}/
    - <productVariantId>
  2. Check the link is valid by pasting it into the input box on the bottom of the quick-actions page “reveal the Quick Action” and ensure the values in the URL are what you expect (note this reveals one link at a time). Common pitfall can be swapping the order of the UUIDs in the URL like swapping the subscriptionId for the productVariantId in a swap action.

  3. Ensure the subscription is in the correct state - for example if you’re testing a reactivation, the subscription should be cancelled or if you’re swapping a product the same variant has to exist in the subscription to swap from.

  4. Test in a new incognito session

  5. Ensure you are logged in as the correct customer who owns that subscription. Use a magic link from dashboard to login as the customer.

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