Sendlane Integration Sendlane Integration

Sendlane Integration

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 In this guide, we will walk through how to set up the Sendlane integration for Skio.

What is the Sendlane integration?

The integration with Sendlane enables you to set up your email notifications with Skio. Not using Sendlane yet? Reach out to Skios Success team ( with questions and we will put you in touch with Sendlane for a demo.

Already using Sendlane? Follow the instructions below

Data passed to Sendlane

Event metrics:

  • Skio: Billing Reminder Notification
  • Skio: Billing Attempt Failed
  • Skio: New Subscription Created
  • Skio: Subscription Cancelled
  • Skio: Subscription Next Billing Date Updated
  • Skio: Subscription Reactivated
  • Skio: Subscription Skipped
  • Skio: Surprise and Delight Rule Applied 
  • Skio: Subscription Item Out of Stock 
  • Skio: Subscription Renewed 
  • Skio: Card Expiration Notification 
  • Skio: Paused Subscription 
  • Skio: Unpaused Subscription
  • Skio: Automation Action Ran
  • Skio: Subscription Paused
  • Skio: Subscription Unpaused
  • Skio: Subscription Split
  • Skio: Subscription Merged
  • Skio: Subscription Mergeable
  • Skio: Subscription Billing Auto Merged
  • Skio: Family Plan User Joined
  • Skio: Family Plan New User Welcome

Setup instructions

1. From the Skio admin, navigate to Account, Integrations

2. Locate Sendlane and click “enable” 

3. Navigate to the Sendlane Dashboard, click “account” then click “API”

4. Create an API under Sendlane API V2

5. Head back to Skio and insert the API key. Once done, click on + Add event to start setting up the events which you’d like to send notifications for via Sendlane

6. Thats it! Once you’re all connected, you’ll want to head to each of the email automations (flows) to update the copy/images in each so they’re branded and the text/copy is in line with your brands tone.

7. If you have any questions at all, reach out to for assistance.

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