Guide for 3rd party for Static Box API Guide for 3rd party for Static Box API

Guide for 3rd party for Static Box API

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This article contains data related to using the Skio Static Build a Box feature, without the need to use the Skio frontend Build a Box flow (i.e. custom flow). For the standard Static Build a Box documentation, please see here: .


Fetching Skio Static Build a Box data from the API


Need to send a POST request, with a JSON body like the example below:

{"productVariantPlatformId": "7194276266047", "sellingPlanPlatformId":"878510112"}

Please note that the `sellingPlanPlatformId` variable is optional to provide (could be `undefined`)


Example function for fetching Static Build a Box data below:

const fetchClassicBoxV2Information = async(boxParentProductId, sellingPlanId) => {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
method: 'POST',
body: JSON.stringify(
'productVariantPlatformId': boxParentProductId,
'sellingPlanPlatformId': sellingPlanId
(response) => response.json()
) .then(
(response) => {
if(!response.ok) throw new Error('Failed to get box');
const { ClassicBoxV2 } = response;
).catch((error) => {


Data structure of our endpoint response

platformId: string;
size: number;
title: string;
price: number;
sellingPlan?: string;
currencyCode: string;
imageSrc: string;
selectableProductVariants: SelectableProductVariantDisplay[];
SelectableProductVariantDisplay = {
platformId: string;
quantity: number;
productTitle: string;
productVariantTitle: string;
imageSrc: string;
price: number;


How to build with the API / how does the customer choice gets passed through the checkout etc

The third party developer would need to implement the user experience of selecting items of the box. Once selected, simply call the cart API to add the lines to cart, with the custom properties for each child items selected by the customer. Below is an example:




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