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  • Prepaid gift subscriptions give customers the ability to pay for a subscription for a friend and have it fully managed by the recipient. 
  • Example: I purchase a prepaid subscription for my neighbor. My credit card and billing address are used, however the subscription is managed by my neighbor under their email address and my payment method is not used moving forward.


What is it?

Gifting is an additional feature on top of our prepaid subscriptions. You can learn more about Prepaid subscriptions here


When a customer buys a gift subscription they are billed for it originally and the recipient receives an email inviting them to manage their subscription. At the end of the gift subscription you can reach out to the customer to get them to sign up for their own subscription 


Why should I use it?

Adding gifting for your customers to purchase allows your brand loyalists to spread the word and to help in new customer acquisition while protecting their payment methods and information. 

How do I set it up?


Product and selling plan setup

Create a prepaid subscription selling plan for the product you wish to offer as a gift. This selling plan is required to have a set max cycles equal to the total required to cover the full prepaid billing interval. (IE with a yearly subscription and monthly delivery, the Max cycles should be set to 12.


Online store setup

To add the gifting onto the product page there are two integration options. 


If you are using the Skio plan picker pleaser reach out to success@skio.com and we can help you implement gifting. 


If you are using a custom product page you will need to include two custom attributes _prepaidGiftEmail and _prepaidGiftMessage

Notification setup

You can edit the email that the gift recipient receives upon receiving the gift in notifications here (https://dashboard.skio.com/notifications/prepaid-gift-received/email)


 If using Klaviyo you can add the Prepaid gift received metric and build a flow on that as well.  

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