Skio admin overview Skio admin overview

Skio admin overview

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This part of the admin overview will walk through the different dashboard sections shown on the left side and give a brief summary of what they each can do. For more complete breakdowns of these features please check out their respective help articles or reach out to or


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At the top of the admin dashboard you will find Subscriptions, this section contains features designed to help you and your CX team interact directly with your subscribers' accounts.

Data Platform: The Skio Data Platform is where our analytics are stored, in this section you will find tables and data about overall performance, product success, forecasting, dunning, cohort retention,  cancel flow, and customer segments. 

Manage: In the manage dashboard you can view individual customer cards and make direct edits to their subscriptions like updating products, adding one-time upsells, and changing shipping or billing information. For more details about what can be done from a subscription card please look further down in this article. From the Manage dash, you can also view your subscriptions in a table view; this is default sorted by the next billing date but can be sorted and filtered in different ways. Within the table view, you can also toggle to a product view to sort your subscriptions by Product name, SKU, or Variant.

Export: This dashboard is used as an easy way to pull exports about your subscriptions, orders, and audit logs. You can filter your export by which products you want to see subscriptions for, active subscriptions, canceled subscriptions, and others. If you need help parsing through the data after an export please reach out to Skio Support.


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SkioSMS: SkioSMS, if enabled, allows you to send SMS messages to your customers that allow them to directly interact with their subscriptions and take different actions based on their replies. All the messages are editable, but unlike notifications, SkioSMS is either on or off, messages can not be enabled or disabled individually. One common mistake merchants make is not including products in the swap products section at the bottom of the page, please make sure you set this up if you are using SkioSMS so customers have product options to swap to.

Cancel Flow: The Skio cancel flow provides merchants a chance to save subscribers by offering discounts or adding products to their subscriptions. There is a toggle that allows you to make sure the cancel flow is disabled for California residents. You can set up a discount cooldown to prevent customers from abusing the discounts, as well as an option to enable a secondary discount and the "Other" option from this page.

Smart Upsell: Our Smart Upsell feature allows merchants to control their upsell carousel by determining which products customers see, how fast they rotate, and how those products are tagged. 

Build-a-Box: We have three different build-a-box (BaB) options you can choose from: static, dynamic, and sectioned. The static box allows customers to combine different products at the same price. Dynamic allows them to mix products with different prices and then determine a price based on what's been included by the customer. The sectioned box allows more bundles to be created from previously established boxes. For example, if you had a lipstick box, and a makeup box you could create a sectioned cosmetics box without needing to set it up from scratch.

Selling Plans: This section of the dashboard is dedicated to assigning your products to selling plans so they can be more easily edited and added to for new products or sales. If you want to edit a product's one-time upsell options, you'll need to visit the Products page in the Tools section.

Family Plans: The Family plans feature is still being worked on, but this will replace our group discounts and allow merchants to provide discounts to customers who refer other subscribers. Once this feature is refreshed please keep an eye out for a more in-depth help article.

Quick actions: Our Quick actions allow merchants to build quick actions that can be sent directly to customers via a universal link, or embedded into Klaviyo or Skio notifications. These links allow customers to take action without needing to log in. Actions can include adding a product, a discount, or triggering an order now along with several other options. We've also added stacking actions to this page so now quick action links can trigger a new product and a discount, or any other combination of two actions. At the bottom of the page, there is also a quick action revealer tool that allows you to check that a quick action link will work and what it does.

Automations: Our Automations feature allows merchants to build out several different actions to be taken on subscriptions. These actions can be triggered any time after the first order and can be anything from adding a product, discount, or one of several other options. These actions can also be limited by setting conditions. Automations is an incredibly powerful tool for guiding the subscriber's journey.

Rules: Our rules section of the dashboard allows merchants to set up different recurring rules for their customers. The two current options are Volume discounts and Surprise & Delight. Volume discounts are exactly what they sound like, they provide customers with additional discounts for ordering products in bulk. Surprise & Delight allows you to set up different rules to give customers free gifts or discounts based on the interval count they are on and the products in their subscription. Both of these rules can also have a banner added to let customers know an upcoming gift or discount is near to help encourage them to receive that benefit.


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Notifications: Our notifications come in two versions, SMS and Email, and there should be an SMS and Email option for all notifications. Unlike SkioSMS, notifications can be enabled and disabled individually allowing the merchant to control exactly which notifications customers see. These notifications can also be edited to allow the exact messaging you want.

Products: The products page allows merchants to change how and which products appear in their store for one-time upsells or purchases. You can also control the one-time purchase discount and access the product's selling plan group directly if you're not quite sure which group it belongs to.

Bulk Operations: The Bulk operations tool allows merchants to do several different bulk updates on their existing subscriptions. A common use of this might be to swap to a new variant after a previous one was discontinued, or updating a price during a sale, or edit existing subscriptions to get the same discounts new customers receive. Merchants can also limit which subscription these bulk updates are applied to by using the Conditions section; if you want to get really granular we recommend checking out the Subscription ID filter.

Customer Portal

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Copy/ translation: This page is exactly what it says it is, if you have text inside your store and you want to change what it says this is a great place to start. There are several different pages to toggle through here including Account login, Subscription edits, Cancellation flow, Order history, Family plan, Quick actions, and Miscellaneous. Skio can provide some basic translations, but these won't be perfect. If you want to tweak the wording to be just right please use this feature to make those changes. If you make changes please remember to click on the green Save button in the top right corner before navigating away.

Portal Settings: The Portal Settings dashboard is where a lot of color and button toggles are stored. You can also choose what banners are displayed, change border weights, or anything else that can be displayed in the default Skio customer portal. 


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In the Account section, you can find information about your account including some dashboard settings, merchant billing, and how you can set up your integrations.

Settings: In settings, you'll find a few more dashboards to move between including General, Billing & orders, Shipping, and our latest features in Skio labs. The General tab includes basic settings for your store. In the billing dashboard you can set up a billing window and control your inventory settings. On the shipping page merchants can link directly to their shipping profiles, set up free subscription shipping, and resync the items in their shipping profiles. Skio labs allows you to enable Beta or new features in Skio. 

Invoicing: This page goes over how you, as a merchant, are billed by Skio, you can adjust the date range at the top of the page, and see how much of your bill comes from different fees that were negotiated in your contract. At the bottom of the page, there is also a daily breakdown of sales and fees.

API: This page lets merchants create API keys and webhooks.

Integrations: Here you can set up links to other popular Shopify apps that can also work with Skio. You'll need to click on each integration and see what exactly is required to link it to your Skio account. 

Subscription Cards

In September 2023, Skio introduced a brand new Skio admin page for merchants to simplify subscription management. The revamped UI is cleaner, more compact, and easier to navigate. This guide will showcase the new location of each component of the subscription card and outline new features including the ability to manually add credit cards!

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The new subscription admin block keeps the same subscription management functionality as before while condensing the information down to prevent unnecessary scrolling.

With the new update comes a much requested feature: manually adding credit cards! You can manually add credit cards to a subscription from within Skio (coming soon to the customer portal) as a 2nd way to add credit cards in addition to the Shopify payments email. 

How to find

Next billing date

The next billing date for each customer is located in the top left corner of the Subscription card.

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Delivery frequency

The Delivery frequency can be found in the top right corner of the Subscription card. 

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Customer information

The Customer information, like their email, address, and payment method, can be found on the right side of the Subscription card, under the frequency. 

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Products in the subscription

The products in the subscription can be found in the middle section of the subscription card, right under the billing date. 

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Manage products in the subscription

To Manage the products in the subscription, click on the Manage products button under the billing date. From there you can add and remove products, as well as adjust the price of items already in the subscription. 

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.42.40 PM 2023-12-14 14-46-54.pngScreenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.47.36 PM.png

Override delivery shipping price

To change the delivery price, you can click on the button beside Manage products. 

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Discounts on the subscription & Applying Shopify discount codes

The discount total for any order can be found underneath the subtotal. You can apply further discount in the discount code box as well. 

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Audit logs

The Audit log can be accessed at the bottom of the Subscription information box. This will list all actions that have been taken on the subscription. 

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Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.49.50 PM.png

Order count (Cycles completed)

The total number of orders that have been completed to date in any subscription can be found underneath the frequency.

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Subscription action buttons

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.49.18 PM 2023-12-14 14-51-05.png

Edit user info

The user's information can be edited by clicking on Manage beside the Customer tab label. 

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Edit shipping address

This can also be used to edit the shipping address. 

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.51.58 PM 2023-12-14 14-53-25.pngScreenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.53.56 PM.png

Update payment method

With the new admin page, you can add manually add credit cards for subscribers without having to send the Shopify Payments update-card email!

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.51.58 PM 2023-12-14 14-54-23.pngScreenshot 2023-12-14 at 2.54.59 PM.png

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