Remove discount code on cancel Remove discount code on cancel

Remove discount code on cancel

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The Remove Discount Code on Cancel feature allows merchants to toggle the choice to have any discount codes removed when a customer cancels. This will apply if either the customer or the merchant cancels and reactivates the subscription.


Enabling Remove Discount Code on Cancel

To enable this feature merchants should go to their settings page and there they can scroll to the bottom of the page and find this setting on the left side. Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 3.43.36 PM.png

When the toggle is black and on the right side this setting will be enabled, but if it is grey and on the left, it will be disabled.



  • Will this work in the dashboard and portal?
    • Yes, Remove Discount Code on Cancel will remove the discount codes regardless of how the subscription is canceled.
  • Will this remove non-code discounts?
    • No, this only applies to code-based discounts, so the subscription discount will still work if the subscription is reactivated.
  • Will this work with prepaid subscriptions?
    • No, if a customer cancels their prepaid subscription and then reactivates that subscription before they are billed again, they would still receive the discount code.

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