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  • The NEW Gorgias 2.0 integration has been rebuilt from the ground up to offer a robust sidebar widget with actions, comprehensive subscription data, and 1-click links to the subscription in the Skio app

  • The sidebar widget now includes subscriber-level information (email, name, active sub count, cancelled sub count, failed sub count, and paused sub count)

  • Each subscription in the sidebar widget includes product information, created at dates, next billing date, status, order count (cycles completed), delivery interval, subscription id, and actionable buttons

  • Also included is the ability to take action within macros for cancelling subscriptions, skipping next subscription order, and sending the update payment method email for Shopify Payments

What is available in the sidebar widget?

In the sidebar widget, CX teams can now see a full picture of the Skio customer (subscriber-level information) with a quick understanding of how many subscriptions that customer has and the status of them.

Below the Skio customer section, each subscription populates as a block with the following information:

  • Subscription ID

  • Created at date

  • Next billing (charge) date

  • Subscription's current status

  • Cycles completed (order count)

  • Delivery policy (shipping frequency)

  • Product name

  • Product variant name

  • Price

The following actions can be performed per subscription in the sidebar widget for that subscription block:

  • View subscription (links directly to the sub in the Skio app)

  • Apply discount code

  • Cancel subscription

  • Get now (process the order immediately)

  • Skip next order

  • Update payment method


With the new integration comes available actions in macros. Skio has pre-populated a few macros in your account and these actions can be repurposed for an macro. The macro actions include:

  • Cancel closest upcoming next billing date

  • Cancel last billed subscription (most recent order)

  • Skip closest upcoming billing date

  • Update payment method

Since a subscriber can have multiple subscriptions, it's necessary to reference the next/most recent subscription in these macros to avoid taking action on the wrong subscription. When in doubt, just use the sidebar widget!

How to enable the Gorgias integration

Setting up Gorgias is incredibly easy. Simply go to the Integrations page under Account in Skio, click "manage" on the Gorgias integration, and click connect.

If you already had Gorgias integrated, this new version will automatically be updated in your Gorgias account - no action needed!


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