Beta Features Beta Features

Beta Features

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Beta Features


We are always looking for new features to provide merchants and their customers a richer subscription experience. In order to deliver these features to you quickly sometimes we will mark a feature as beta.


This means that the feature is new and might have some unintended effects. If you are not comfortable with the risks associated, we recommend that you not enable or utilize that feature until we can complete our work and ensure that it is a seamless experience for you and your customers.

You can see beta features listed alongside our main features on the Skio Dashboard - clicking on them will prompt you to reach out to enable.


If you are looking to help us with new features and want to help us build and test we encourage you to enable beta features where they make sense and open tickets with our support team at


If you ever have questions about new features and how they can help your store or if you want to talk about upcoming features or features you want to see please reach out to your merchant success manager or

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