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SMS Quiet Hours

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Easily create a window of time to send texts so subscribers only receive notifications at certain times of day.

  • Set a timezone for your store with a start time and end time for when texts can be sent out
  • Skio can infer the local timezone for each subscriber (this setting can be toggled on and off)
  • Quiet hours applies to both SMS notifications and SkioSMS; login SMS codes are not impacted by these settings to avoid login issues

How to Set up

On the Settings page, located under the Account tab, SMS Hours can be enabled and updated at any time. Simply choose a start time, end time, timezone, and if you want Skio to try to identify the subscriber's local timezone:

  1. Start time: This is the start of the SMS window (no texts will be sent until this time)
  2. End time: This is the end of the SMS window (no texts will be sent after this time)
  3. Timezone: Choose your store's local timezone
  4. Customer timezone: If enabled, Skio will use the zipcode to identify the subscriber's local timezone so they receive texts in the time window setup but applied to their time zone rather than the store's time zone



Does the time window prevent texts from being sent?

If a text would normally fire outside the time window, the text will be queued and sent at the start of your time window. For example, with a 9:00-17:00 (5pm) time window a subscriber who cancels their subscription at 18:00 (6pm) will receive the text the next morning at 9am.

Can I adjust the time window at any time?

The time window can be adjusted at any time, but any queued texts will not fire so be careful about adjusting these settings regularly. We recommend adjusting these settings during non-peak times such as at night or on the weekend.

Does SkioSMS still work?

Yes, SkioSMS texts will be sent in the time frame selected.

Does this impact the login SMS codes?

SMS login codes will still send immediately regardless of the time window to avoid any issues logging in.


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