Postscript Integration Postscript Integration

Postscript Integration

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What is the Postscript integration?

The integration with Postscript allows you to send SMS notifications through Postscript to subscribers for different subscription events that occur in Skio.

Postscript is a powerful marketing and transactional SMS tool.

How do I set this up?

  1. Go to the Skio Integrations page
  2. Click "Enable" on the Postscript integration
  3. Input your store's keyword trigger and a new private API key
    1. Make sure to create a new API key specific to Skio
    2. Also ensure that a Test Event User is added
  4. Now add in the event triggers you want to send to Postscript to be used in flows
  5. After creating each event, make sure to click "send test" for each event so they will populate in Postscript immediately

Video Walkthrough


Shown in video: steps included in "How do I set this up?"

Data Passed to Postscript

Event Metrics:
  • Skio: Billing Reminder Notification: The subscriber's order is about to process
  • Skio: Billing Attempt Failed: The subscriber's card on file was declined
  • Skio: New Subscription Created: The subscriber has successfully created a new subscription
  • Skio: Subscription Cancelled: The subscriber has successfully cancelled their subscription
  • Skio: Subscription Next Billing Date Updated: The subscriber has successfully updated their billing date
  • Skio: Subscription Reactivated:  The subscriber's previously paused subscription has been reactivated
  • Skio: Surprise and Delight Rule Applied: A surprise & delight rule has been applied to the next subscription order
  • Skio: Subscription Item Out of Stock:  The product the customer is subscribed to is currently out of stock
  • Skio: Subscription Renewed: The subscription order processed
  • Skio: Card Expiration Notification: The subscriber's card on file has expired
  • Skio: Automation action ran: When an automation action is successfully ran on a subscription 

Creating Automated Flows

The above events can be found in the Automation Flows page within Postscript. To create a flow with any of the events above, they first must be set up as events within Skio. Once those events have been created, you can create a flow that triggers from these events. Simply click "Create an Automation Flow", "Create a new automation", and choose one of the Skio events to start your journey.

Here's a preview of that process:



Shown in image: preview of automated flow


SKIP keyword

Subscribers can text SKIP to the postscript number in order to trigger a skip action on their subscription. You can use this with the Billing reminder notification in order to provide your customers with an option to skip their next order. For example, the postscript automation could be configured like

Your subscription will renew in 3 days.

Reply SKIP in order to skip your next order.

Postscript Resources


Does the Postscript integration replace Skio SMS notifications altogether?

Postscript can replace all or some of the Skio SMS notifications. Postscript cannot replace SkioSMS so if you'd like to keep SkioSMS enabled, that tool will still send from your assigned store's phone number.

How do Postscript notifications differ from Skio notifications?

Postscript can send transactional messages, but they require an opt-in from the user. This can result in some subscribers not receiving the text through Postscript even if they have a phone number on their Skio account. Skio SMS notifications does not require this opt-in and can fire to any subscriber who has a phone number on their account.

I don't see the metric in Postscript, what do I do?

Postscript will only pull in the metric once the webhook has fired at least once from Skio so clicking "test event" when setting up the events will push the metric into Postscript immediately.


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