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  • Automations is a comprehensive tool to automate changes to subscriptions based on certain conditions
  • This tool will handle SKU swaps, trial pack swaps, product swaps, splitting up single-sku bundles into the individual products, editing prices on specific subscriptions, offering free add-ons, changing intervals, and many other options
  • Automations will run after specific triggers and only if certain conditions are met (if configured)

What does the Automations feature do?

Automations allows you to setup "if this, then that" conditional logic that can alter subscriptions after checkout to offer robust customizations for the subscription experience. This comprehensive tool will replace Skio's old SKU swap function while dramatically increasing the capabilities and customization options to give you even more control.

Common Use Cases

Automations will allow you to:

  • Swap trial products to the full version
  • Split out single-sku bundles into the individual products that make up the bundle
  • Apply discount codes at specific order counts
  • Swap any product at specific order counts
  • Add products to a subscription
  • Add one-time add-ons (with custom discounts)
  • Remove products from a subscription
  • Change the shipping interval frequency
  • And a combination of any of these actions if you want to stack them together!


Automations has 3 triggers currently available:

  1. After checkout: This is used when changing a subscription that was just created at checkout; the automation will run after checkout and will apply to the first recurring order (order 2)
  2. After recurring order: This is used to trigger a rule when a recurring order processes; the automation will run AFTER the set order count such that if the automation should apply to order 3, the trigger should be set to apply AFTER order 2
  3. After a product is added: This trigger applies when a specific product is added to a subscription rather than when a specific order processes; the automation will run after the product is added to the subscription and can be a great way to add extra discounts or customizations


For an Automation to run successfully after the trigger occurs, all the conditions setup must be met for the automation to fire. The triggers are what tells our system when to check for conditions to run the automations. The conditions are what determines whether the subscription is eligible for the automation. Conditions can be setup as "or" statements and/or "and" statements such that you can check for if either condition is met or if both are met.

Here are some of the conditions that are currently available:

  • Contains a specific product
  • Order number (eg 4th order)
  • Migrated sub (if this was migrated from another platform into Skio)
  • Subscription value (the $ amount of the subscription's order)
  • Total quantity (of products)
  • Excludes a specific product
  • Subscription created at date
  • Subscription ID
  • Next billing date
  • Subscription country
  • Shipping interval
  • Containing static boxes
  • Customer tag
  • Charge day of week (for subscriptions with set charge dates of the week)


Actions are the final piece to Automations that determine which action should be performed if triggered and all the conditions in the automation are successfully met. Automations can be setup to perform a single action or multiple actions. Since multiple Automations can be configured, make sure to prevent using the same trigger and conditions.

Here are a few of the actions that can be performed with Automations:

  • Add discount (Shopify discount code or a manual Skio discount)
  • Remove discount
  • Add a specific product (as a recurring product or as a one-time add-on)
  • Remove a specific product from the subscription
  • Change shipping frequency interval
  • Delay billing (best used for trial products)
  • Override delivery price
  • Update product price
  • Swap product variants (great for trial products, or to change several products into fewer larger products)
  • Override next billing interval (this can be used to delay a subscription's next charge by a specific interval such as 3 weeks)

How to set up an Automation

Setting up an automation is incredible easy. On the Automations page, click "New automation" to create your first automation! There are 5 simple steps:

1. Choose the Automation name and description


2. Choose the subscription type

This setting allows you to target regular subscriptions or prepaid subscriptions. If you need the automation to run on both subscription types, simply create a 2nd automation.

screenshot-2023-06-27-at-2-40-37-pm (1).png

3. Choose the trigger

Triggers determine when Skio will check the conditions for the subscription. For subscriptions automations that should run right after a subscription is created, choose "After checkout". Most automations will use this trigger or "After recurring order". Please note that "after recurring order" means that the trigger will run after the chosen subscription order number has processed. For example, if choosing to apply an automations action on the 4th order, setup the automation to run "After recurring order" with the condition being Order 3 (since it will trigger after Order 3 has processed).


4. Choose the conditions necessary on the subscription for the automation to fire

Conditions are the eligibility requirements that need to be met in the subscription for the automation to fire. Multiple conditions can be setup and both "or" as well as "and" operators can be configured. In this example, the automation uses both an "and" as well as "or" operator. The "and" conditions check for subscriptions that have both a Rainbow hat AND a rainbow hoodie OR if the subscription value is over $50.



5. Choose the action the automation should take on the subscription

Actions can be stacked or set up for a single-action automation. In this example, the automation will add a free one-time black shirt to the subscription's next order AND swap the rainbow hoodie for a black hoodie.


Helpful Use Cases

How to Setup Bundle Expansion

Trigger: After checkout

Conditions: Include the product bundle

Actions: Bundle expansion; select the product bundle as the item to remove and the individual products in that box as the products to add

Set the "products to add" as quantity 1 unless you want multiple quantity of that product in the subscription (most use cases will use quantity = 1)



How to Setup SKU/Product Swaps and Trial Pack Swaps


  • Trial Pack - Use "after checkout"
  • SKU swaps - Use "after checkout" to swap for the 2nd order (first recurring) OR use "after recurring order" if you want to have the product swapped later in the subscription lifecycle

Conditions: Conditions the product that should be swapped

Actions: Swap product variants

  • For pricing, choose if the price should stay the same as the original product, change to the new product's price, or set a custom price
Multiple SKUs swaps can be configured with multiple automations if you want to have the subscription swap products multiple times throughout the subscription's lifecycle




How to Setup Adding Products

Trigger: After recurring order (can also be use with "after checkout" if it should apply to the first recurring order, order 2)

Conditions: Conditions the product that should be swapped, order number

When using the recurring order trigger, it's important to include the order number in the condition so the automation tool knows when to apply the free add-on; without an order number, this automation will run on every order

Actions: Add product

  • When adding a product make, you can override the price (for free products, choose $0), set the quantity, and choose if this is a one-time add-on or a recurring product (click one-time eligible for a one-time add-on)


How to Lower Prices Over Time

Trigger: After recurring order

Conditions: Choose the order number; additional conditions should typically be added such as "contains product" or "total value" to target subscriptions at specific subscriptions

Actions: Add discount; choose the type, amount, and how many times the discount applies

To lower subscription prices over time, multiple automations will need to be setup. If an automation is setup to alter the price every 3 orders, have the discount apply 3 times to avoid overlap. In this case, multiple automations would need to be setup with different order number conditions.





What happens if a subscription meets the criteria for multiple automations?

Multiple automations will run on the subscription in order of the automation priority set on the Automations page. By default, each automation added will be lower down in priority, but the priorities can be reconfigured at any time.

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