Conditional cancel flow Conditional cancel flow

Conditional cancel flow

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  • Skio's cancel flow has the ability to set conditions so you can offer different actions based on subscription conditions (eg. "order value" is greater than $100)
  • We've updated our analytics so you can see which offers you setup perform best, which cancellation reasons are most/least likely to be saved, and be able to export all of this data
  • Our variant filter allows you to understand how your cancellation reasons vary by product variant

Setup instructions

Step 1: Toggle on cancel flow

  • Toggle on the "cancel flow enabled" option in the top right corner of the page
  • If you already had the cancel flow enabled, the conditions will appear within the reason and there is nothing to enablecancel-flow-1.gif

Step 2: Choose Cancel Reasons

  • Choose the cancellation reasons you want to display to subscribers during the cancel flow in the customer portal
  • Skio includes several default cancellation reasons which you can edit at any time



Step 3: Choose Rebuttal

  • A rebuttal includes a message, an action, and (optional) conditions to trigger the rebuttal
  • The rebuttal message will be shown to subscribers during the cancel flow (link for reference)
  • If conditions are setup, the rebuttal message will only appear if those conditions are met when the subscriber is cancelling

Step 4: Choose Action

  • The action will appear in the cancel flow to the subscriber as an alternative to cancelling their subscription
  • Add multiple actions per treatment to reduce churn by giving subscribers more options!
  • Actions currently available:
    • Skip Next Order
    • Change Next Order Date
    • Edit Shipping Frequency
    • Swap Products
    • Offer Discount (this discount will stack with your existing subscription discount)
    • Offer a free gift
    • Pause
    • Delay
    • Contact support (input your support team’s email here)
  • Actions are tied to the rebuttal so you can add multiple rebuttals per cancellation reason if you wish to offer different actions for different conditions met

Step 5: Add Conditions

  • For each rebuttal, you're now able to add a condition to further control what exactly is displayed to your customer
  • Choose from one of the following conditions:
    • Number of Cycles Completed
    • Subscription Dollar Amount
    • Subscription Creation Date
    • Subscription was Migrated
    • Subscription Type
  • Select your operation based on the chosen condition and then enter a value.

(Optional) Step 6: Add Multiple Rebuttals

  • Add multiple rebuttals per cancellation reason to target subscribers differently based on certain conditions met
  • In this example, we are adding in a rebuttal if the subscription has 1 completed cycle so we can target subscribers early in their lifecycle to avoid unnecessary churn if they checked out with a shipping frequency that doesn't match their consumption patterns
    • Cycles Completed is a field in Skio that is equivalent to order count; the checkout order is the first completed cycle and the first recurring order is the second completed cycle for the subscription

(Optional) Step 7: Enable "Other"

  • Adding an "other" field will populate a text input field so subscribers can input additional feedback

(Optional) Step 8: Offer a "secondary" discount on the last page of the cancel flow (applies to the subscriber's next order)

  • The discount can be set up as a dollar-off discount ($) or percentage-off discount (%)
  • The discount cooldown prevents the discount from applying for X amount of days to prevent discount abuse
    • By default, this is set to 100 days

Cancel Flow Analytics


  • Here's our full guide: Cancel flow dashboard
  • In the Cancel Flow dashboard found on the Skio Data Platform, you'll find the total number of subscriptions that have gone through the cancel flow, alongside the total number of subscriptions that have been saved, and the total revenue saved by customers that did not cancel as initially planned.
  • Further on you'll see comparison graphs of saved vs cancelled subscriptions, as well as a table of all cancelled subscriptions.
  • You can sort this data by date range, by product, or both!


  • Cancel flow data is able to be exported.
  • If a customer reaches the end of the cancel flow their result will be recorded as a cancel flow session and will be included in the export.
  • In order to export the cancel flow data, click on into Cancel Flow Analytics, then click on Export. From there, simply select the date range and desired product variants you want data on and you'll be emailed the cancellation data in your selected format.


What is MRR?

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for subscriptions is calculated by multiplying the subscription price by the frequency of shipments in a month. For example, if a subscription is shipped weekly, then the MRR would be four times the subscription price, as there are four weeks in a month. Similarly, if a subscription is shipped bi-monthly, the MRR would be half the subscription price.

What is the cancellation flow in Skio?

Skio allows you to customize cancellation reasons, offer incentives to prevent cancellations, and track saved subscriptions

How can I customize the cancellation flow?

Merchants can customize each cancellation reason, the rebuttal messages, and the discounts offered to prevent cancellations

Can I offer an incentive to prevent cancellation?

Yes! Merchants can setup a discount incentive when a subscriber tries to cancel with a built-in cooldown window to prevent abuse

Can I offer multiple rebuttals per cancellation reason?

Yes! With the new conditional cancel flow update, Merchants are empowered to add multiple rebuttals to each reason based on the subscription specifics

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