Upgrading to the New Klaviyo Integration Upgrading to the New Klaviyo Integration

Upgrading to the New Klaviyo Integration

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  • This guide is designed specifically for merchants who previously had Skio's Klaviyo (Legacy) integration setup or integrated and is upgrading to the newest Klaviyo integration (launched in 2023)
  • The new integration requires a new API key and uses different event triggers so flows will need to be updated
  • All of Skio's newest features will work with the newest Klaviyo integration and the old integration will be deprecated over time

What does the New Klaviyo Integration do?

Please refer to this guide for additional details: Klaviyo Integration. We recommend all merchants upgrade to the newest Klaviyo integration

Improvements with New Klaviyo Integration:

  • New Events/Metrics
    • Surprise & Delight
    • Item Out of Stock
    • Card Expiration
    • Subscription Order Renewed
    • Card Expiration
    • Subscription Paused
    • Subscription Unpaused
  • More data passed through each event
    • cyclesCompleted (order count)
    • errorCodes
    • subscription status
    • subscription line items (for each product in the subscription)
  • Better customer profiles & a backfill tool (so they are up-to-date)

How to upgrade to the New Klaviyo Integration

Step 1: Create a new private API key in Klaviyo




Step 2: Input the new private API key and your Klaviyo public key into the Klaviyo Integrations page in Skio



Step 3: Use the "create event" button to add in whichever events you want to pass into Klaviyo (most merchants will turn on every event)


Why send a "test event" for each metric? Clicking "test event" will fire a webhook with fake data into Klaviyo so the metric appears immediately. If you don't send a test event, the metric will appear in Klaviyo once it naturally occurs on a subscription (ie a real event needs to occur).


Step 4: Click the "backfill" button so all customer profiles in Klaviyo are up-to-date



Step 5: Update Klaviyo flows with the new metric triggers




Step 6: Once all the new flows are set up and turned on, you can click "Remove V2 API Keys" on the Klaviyo Integration page


New Metrics, Variables, and Custom Properties


Old Format

New Format

Trigger: Upcoming Order/Billing Reminder

(Skio): Order upcoming on Skio

Skio: Billing Reminder Notification

Trigger: Failed Billing Attempt

(Skio): Billing Attempt Failed

Skio: Billing Attempt Failed

Trigger: Subscription Created at Checkout

(Skio): New Subscription Created

Skio: New Subscription Created

Trigger: Subscription Was Cancelled

(Skio): Cancelled Subscription

Skio: Subscription Cancelled

Trigger: Next Billing Date Changed

(Skio): Subscription next date set

Skio: Subscription Next Billing Date Updated

Trigger: Subscription Was Reactivated

(Skio): Subscription reactivated

Skio: Subscription Reactivated

Trigger: Subscription Was Skipped

(Skio): Subscription skipped

Skio: Subscription Skipped

Custom Profile Property: Current Subscription Status

Subscription Status


Variant Name

{{ event.products.0.product_variant_name }}

{{ event.subscriptionLines.0.productVariantName }}

Product Title

{{ event.products.0.product_name }}

{{ event.subscriptionLines.0.productName }}

Next Order Date

{{ event.nextOrderDate }}

{{ event.nextBillingDate }}

Order price

${{ event|lookup:'$value' }}

{{ event.total }}


Custom Properties

See this list for all new properties: Custom Profile Properties in Klaviyo.

Old custom properties will remain on the account. Klaviyo's Support team can delete the variables used in our old Klaviyo integration on your behalf if you reach out to their support team. With our backfill button, if a new property accidentally gets deleted you can just run a backfill so it will be re-created and up to date. Here's the list of old custom profile properties that can be deleted:

  • activeSubscriptionCount 
  • cancelledSubscriptionCount
  • hasActiveSubscription
  • hasCancelledSubscription
  • skio_active_product_subscription_titles
  • skio_active_product_variant_subscription_titles
  • skio_active_subscription_count
  • skio_active_subscriptions
  • skio_inactive_subscription_count
  • skio_inactive_subscriptions
  • Subscription Status


Video Walkthroughs

Step 1: Setting Up New Klaviyo

Step 2: Updating Flows in Klaviyo

Step 3: Removing Old Klaviyo


Do I have to use a new private API key?

  • Yes; we recommend using a (new) separate API key to avoid any errors.


Can I still use the old integration with the new one?

  • No, we recommend upgrading and completely disabling the old Klaviyo integration.


Do I need to upgrade?

  • Skio will deprecate the old Klaviyo Integration in 2023. All new features are being built into the new Klaviyo Integration and not the old one.


After coping over an old flow, I can't preview the product information. Please help!

  • If you're using variables, make sure you are using the correct ones (see table above). If you need any help, feel free to reach out to success@skio.com and we can help copy your flows.

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