Optimizing Conditional Cancel Flow Optimizing Conditional Cancel Flow

Optimizing Conditional Cancel Flow

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What this guide will cover

  • Using context to provide different cancellation flows based on customer profile using Conditional Cancel Flow.
  • Recommendations to get you started


Using Quick Actions

Before you read any further, please make sure you have read our setup guide for Quick Actions: Conditional Cancel Flow

Conditional Cancel flow allows you to present different messaging and different options based on specific conditions

Here's a list of the conditions you can use for logic:


What logic is available?



Number of Cycles Completed

How many orders has the customer completed. A higher number means they have been a part of your subscription program longer. Customers with a higher cycles completed have a naturally higher LTV and might have already captured enough to cover the cost of acquisition for them.

Subscription Dollar Amount

The dollar value per interval that the customer spends on their subscription. Higher dollar value subscriptions may have a higher possible discount allowed and losing these customers might have a greater impact.

Subscription Creation Date

The initial date the customer started their subscription. This can be used to separate subscribers based on changes to the program that you have made that might still be grandfathered. IE if they had a historical low rate that newer subscribers do not have or if you have a program that changes the tier of memberships or offers greater rewards for time spent.

Subscription was Migrated

If the migration was created before or after any migration from another subscription platform to Skio. This can be used if historically on other platforms those customers have a historical low rate that post subscription customers do not have.

Subscription Type

Whether the subscription is a standard subscribe and save where the customer pays with each interval or if the subscription is a prepaid where the customer pays for several intervals up front. If you have both types of programs it allows you to offer different options.



These recommendations are not one size fit all. Before implementing any discounts it is important to look at the cost of operation and ensure that your offers here are sustainable.


Messaging Recommendations

When using logic to separate newer/lower revenue merchants and older/higher revenue merchants it is recommended that you highlight the latter audience with terms that show how valued they are. Using terms like VIP, gold, or longterm. Changing language and making it clear that they are getting a different message from everyone else will make them feel special.


Discount Recommendations

You can add a progressively better discount for longer term or higher value customers. This discount will stack with the discount they are getting normally so keep that in mind. You should also ensure that the Discount cooldown has been set to ensure that customers are not gaming the cancellation flow to constantly get a high discount.

Sometimes offering a lower discount for multiple intervals can look more appetizing than a single discount on their next order. It also protects you from a larger revenue loss right away and the customer is more inclined to stay longer to enjoy the subscription.


Things to consider

You can track the effectiveness of your cancellation flow with the Cancel Flow dashboard and remember you can change around offers to see what lands best for your customers.


Cancel flow discounts will stack with the default subscription discounts. They will also stack with other discounts if discount stacking is enabled in your settings.



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