• A magic link, when clicked, will send the user directly to their customer portal without needing to login
  • These magic links are added to the email Skio sends out with the 4-digit shortcode to login
  • No need to enable anything; subscribers will get this automatically and can choose to use the link or the original, 4 digit login code

How to Setup

There is no setup required, all login emails now include this direct link. This feature will ensure that every subscriber can easily log into their account - especially for those in rural areas with limited phone service!

How to Use

When a subscriber logs into their customer portal, they are sent a 4-digit login code via email and SMS (if this is on file). With the login code emailed to subscribers, Skio now includes a link that takes subscribers directly to their customer portal without the need to login. This is a big improvement in the login experience for subscribers on mobile devices who login via email. Here's the feature in action:





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