Exporting Shopify Variant IDs Exporting Shopify Variant IDs

Exporting Shopify Variant IDs

Getting Started

In the case that you have a large number of shop items that are unfeasible to set up manually, the Skio Support team (help@skio.com) can assist you by running a script for bulk plan creation.

Before we can step in to help, you will need to export your Shopify store's products with their associated variant IDs. Please follow the instructions below to properly export your product data and send the CSV file to help@skio.com with any specifications for your bulk subscription setup/modifications.

Other key things to keep in mind: Shopify limits the number of variants displayed so if you have several products and variants you'll need to use Postman or another program to delay the API calls. Or loop through each page to get all the variants.


If you're using Chrome it is recommended to add the JSON Viewer Extension. This will make the JSON data in Shopify readable. You can also use the JSON URL in Shopify to find variant IDs

Visit the URL below (replace the Shopify store name with your store's Shopify URL:


Right click the page to save the JSON document to your computer (or you can simply copy and paste the data within the file converter tool).


Example of what you should see (if you're using the JSON Viewer Extensions):


Convert the JSON to a CSV

Visit https://data.page/json/csv to upload or paste your JSON data to have it converted to a CSV file. Once done, download the CSV file and email it to help@skio.com with the specifications for what you would like the Skio team to update for you. 


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