Migrating to Skio with Braintree Migrating to Skio with Braintree

Migrating to Skio with Braintree

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  • Braintree does not allow tokens to be migrated directly into Shopify Payments
  • To migrate Braintree tokens, your team must migrate those tokens to Stripe and then Skio can migrate the Stripe tokens into Shopify Payments
  • Note: Migrating BT tokens to Stripe is not something Skio can handle for your team; your team must initiate this process
    • Don't worry - we'll help make this process easy 🤗


  • Recharge's Guide: Migrating from Braintree --> Stripe
  • Skio migration email: migrations@skio.com
  • Skio support: help@skio.com

Step 1: Initiate the migration to Stripe immediately

  • Braintree can take several days to a few weeks to migrate these tokens so it's important your team starts the process immediately
  • Given privacy limitations, your team must be the ones who request the token migration, give both Stripe and Braintree permissions, and oversee the process

Step 2 - Setup Stripe

  • Since you will be migrating your tokens into Stripe, make sure you have a Stripe account setup
  • Reach out to the Stripe team (Contact Stripe) to let them know you will be migrating tokens from Braintree into Stripe for your subscribers for Skio

Step 3 - Request Braintree export your tokens

  • Reach out to Braintree and request that your tokens be exported into Stripe
  • Note: Braintree chat typically responds faster and can get this done in a few days; emailing their support team can sometimes draw out this process for a few weeks
  • Suggested email template:
    Hi I would like to request for my customer payment data to be migrated over to Stripe (reference: https://developer.paypal.com/braintree/articles/get-started/data-migration/exports).
    We are migrating our subscription platform to Skio from Recharge and need our subscriber's payment tokens migrated to Stripe so we can use Shopify Payments.
    Please put me in contact with the migrations team so we can get started.Braintree Merchant ID: { YOUR BRAINTREE MERCHANT ID HERE }
    Here is the attestation of Stripe's PCI Compliance: https://www.visa.com/splisting/searchGrsp.do?companyNameCriteria=stripe
    We need this done ASAP. Please confirm this can be done in the next 3-4 days.Thank you!

Step 4 - Have Recharge map the tokens from BT to Stripe

  • We recommend you give Recharge's team a heads up that you are migrating your payment process from Braintree to Stripe
  • Recharge will need to map the tokens for each subscriber so their subscriptions process with their new Stripe token
  • Recharge may ask you to map the tokens via a spreadsheet

Step 5 - Migrating subscribers into Skio

  • Once the tokens are migrated to Stripe, Skio can migrate them into Shopify Payments and complete the full migration of current subscribers (we'll handle this part)
  • Please let us know what day you want to migrate; email us anytime at migrations@skio.com


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