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Pausing Subscriptions

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  • Our pause feature empowers merchants to help customize the subscription experience even further
  • Pausing a subscription puts an indefinite hold on the subscription until you or the subscriber unpauses the subscription
This is a new feature that Skio has built and as such we are calling it a beta and might have a few wonky bits as we continue to test and refine it. If you are not comfortable with the chance of imperfections with this feature we ask that you give us some time to complete it. If you want to help us build and perfect this new feature please activate it and report anything out of the ordinary to our support team at We thank you for your continued partnership.


How to Setup

Setup is easy, simply toggle on the setting according to your needs. Skio allows you to pause the subscription (in Skio Admin), by the subscriber (in the customer portal), or both (in Skio Admin and the customer portal). Here's how to toggle on the settings found in Skio Account > Settings > Skio Labs:


How to Use

Skio Admin

On the subscription page for a subscription, a "pause subscription" button will appear once the setting has been toggled on for "enable in dashboard" in the Settings page. Simply click the pause subscription button to pause the subscription. Once it's paused, the subscription will need to be unpaused before another order will process. Here's the user flow to pause in the merchant dashboard:

Customer Portal

In the customer portal, a subscriber can pause their subscription if the setting has been enabled in Skio Settings. After the subscriber pauses their subscription, their next charge date will disappear. Once they unpause their subscription, they can choose to click "order now" to process their order or they can select a date in the future. Here's the user flow to pause in the customer portal:



Will orders still process for paused subscriptions?

  • No! A paused subscription will not process any orders until the subscription is unpaused

How can we track paused subscriptions?

  • Skio is working on providing these in our analytics and exports; if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to in the meantime

How can we remind subscribers to unpause?

  • Skio built out a "pause" and "unpause" notification available in Klaviyo as well as our other integrations


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