• Subscription orders billing within 24hrs (configurable up to 7 days) for the same customer can be merged into a single order
  • This simplifies and saves costs on shipping and lowers the environmental impact where possible.

When turned on, Skio will automatically merge multiple subscription orders for a customer that fall within a set time of each other into a single order when it sends the information to Shopify based on the following limitations.

  • Both subscriptions are subscribe and save.
    • Note: this feature won’t merge prepaid subscriptions.
  • Both subscriptions are being shipped to the exact same address.
  • Both subscriptions do not include a dynamic custom box.
  • Both subscriptions need to be active.
  • Both subscriptions must have the same payment method.
  • Delivery price has not been overridden.
  • There is not a shipping discount on either subscription.

When orders are merged a Klaviyo trigger 'subscriptionAutoMerged' will be sent and the merge is noted in the audit log for the customer.



1. Enable auto-merge in the dashboard settings (Skio > Settings > Billing & Orders).

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.06.31 AM.png

2. Optional step - Pick the number of days ahead to merge (default is 1 day). This can only be between 1 and 7 days.



How do I know if subscriptions have been merged?

You can see a full list of subscriptions that were auto-merged by exporting the audit log and selecting "Subscription billing auto-merged". The system will also trigger a Klaviyo flow "Subscription billing auto merged".

In Shopify, this is how a merged order will appear:



Shown in image: "autoMergeBillingSubID #"


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