Customer Portal Walkthrough Customer Portal Walkthrough

Customer Portal Walkthrough




  • The customer portal is the main way a subscriber will manage their subscription
  • Once a subscriber has logged in once, Skio will keep them logged in on that device which makes it easier to manage their subscription in the future
  • Most subscribers will log into Skio with our passwordless login feature
    • When a subscriber types in their email address, they will be sent a 4 digit 2FA code to their email as well as texted this code to their phone number on file (if they have one)
  • Skio will automatically create and activate the account once a subscriber checkouts (say goodbye to account activation complaints from frustrated subscribers!) 

Customer Portal Actions

Logging In

 Customer will log in to the customer portal from the login page

Skip Order


          Click "Skip" and select the appropriate action from the drop down menu

Get Now


          Click "Get Now" to process your next upcoming order immediately

Change Next Order Date


          Choose "Next Order Date" and select the date

Updating Payment Method


          Choose "Edit Billing" and select the appropriate payment method or add new card

Adding Products to a Subscription


          Choose "Edit Products" and select the products you wish to add your subscription. Ensure frequency is set to "subscription." 

Adding 1-time Products to the Next Order


        Choose "Edit Products" and select the products you wish to add your subscription. Ensure          frequency is set to "one time."

Creating Custom Shipping Intervals


          Choose "Edit Frequency" and select the appropriate interval

Editing Shipping Address


          Choose "Edit" under Shipping Information

Pause Subscription


          Choose "Pause" to pause subscription indefinitely

Unpause Subscription


          Choose "Unpause" to pause subscription indefinitely

Split Subscriptions


          Select "Split Subscription" to split the subscription into multiple subscriptions

Note: "Split" does not support subscriptions with (i.e. the option does not appear for subs with)
- Any prepaid subscriptions
- Containing one-time upsell
- Surprise and delight products
- Discounts



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