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  • SkioSMS is our free, two-way subscription management tool that allows your subscribers to manage and be notified about their subscription via text without needing to ever login
  • SkioSMS is a 2-way, automated conversation that manages your customer's subscriptions
  • SMS notifications in Skio is a 1-way notification tool (the customer can't reply directly) to send updates to your subscribers that are triggered based on certain events such as an order confirmation or billing reminder
  • You can customize the body of each message so that they remain on brand and you maintain language consistency
  • SkioSMS trigger replies: Modify, hello, next, and hi

What is it?

SkioSMS is a 2-way subscription management tool that subscribers can use to edit their subscription via transactional text messages. Since the texts are transactional, any phone number will automatically be opted into the service. Subscribers can reply with “next” to the store’s phone number to see their next order. The way most subscribers will interact with the tool is via the “Billing Reminder” text that will fire 3 days (by default) before a subscription will renew. The subscriber will be prompted with the initial “Billing Reminder” text. Here’s how the flow works:


Where can it be used?

Currently Skio SMS can be used by merchants based in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For it to operate in those countries you require a local number. Contact help@skio.com to have a regional number provisioned. 


Why should I use it?

Skio is focused on empowering our merchants to provide a frictionless subscription experience to their merchants. Passwordless login is a great example of a feature that removes a common pain point for subscribers and SkioSMS is another tool in your tool belt.

SMS is the next evolution in customer engagement. With email open rates falling each year, on average, SMS opens up the door to ensuring your notifications are read by your subscribers. Email open rates tend to hover around 20-35% whereas texting open rates around 95%+ with opt-out rates typically less than 5%.

Subscription management should be easy and the fewer pain points a subscriber has to manage their subscription, the more revenue that subscriber will bring in over time. Overall, the more a subscriber interacts with their subscription through edits and adjustments, the higher their LTV tends to be while also reducing their churn risk.

How do I set it up?

Setting up SkioSMS is simple, fast, and 100% free. Within your Skio Dashboard, we added a SkioSMS page within the lefthand panel titled “SkioSMS”. In this tab you can enable SkioSMS, edit each message, and setup product swapping options.

Once you enable SkioSMS, you’ll also be able to send all of your store’s notifications though SMS as well as email (see the Notifications tab in your Skio Dashboard).

Before enabling SkioSMS by toggling on the enablement button at the top of the SkioSMS page, we recommend setting up the following:

  • Edit the messages to stay on brand
  • Setup swappable products

In SkioSMS, you will be presented a list of each message that is sent through our system. Every single message can be edited to match your brand’s voice as well as include useful variables that will pull in dynamic information such as the customer’s name or the product they’re subscribed to. The available variables are listed on the lefthand side when editing individual messages.

If you want to enable product swapping via SMS, you’ll need to setup Swappable Products which can be found at the bottom of the SkioSMS page in your Skio Dashboard. If you do not add in swappable products, subscribers will not be able to swap products through SMS.

To add a swappable product, all you have to do is click the “add product” button at the bottom of the page under the title “Swappable Products”. Then choose the product you want to add. When adding a product you can choose the Product Title and the Swap Number. The product title is the title that will populate in the text and the Swap Number is the number that a subscriber will reply with to trigger the swap. For example, replying with “1” will swap for Product A and replying with “2” will swap for Product B.

Video Walkthroughs

What is SkioSMS?

SkioSMS Logic Flow

Editing Messages in SkioSMS

Modify Subscription Options

Setting Up Swappable Products

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