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When migrating to Skio it is important to decide which portal you want subscribers to use. In this article we will review each option and what Skio recommends. There are three main options: 

  • Replace current login with Skio login (recommended) 
  • Only have the Shopify account login (limits passwordless login) 
  • Offer the Shopify account login and Skio login on the same page

Skio's launch team will help with setting any of these options up upon starting with Skio. 

Skio only login (recommended):

Our recommendation is to have the Skio customer portal replace the Shopify account login page entirely. This means subscribers and one time customers will login to the Skio customer portal. Both sets of customers will gain passwordless logins; their account will automatically be created and activated without any other steps on their end. Skio will display all historical Shopify orders in the order history page and customers can still access their Shopify account by clicking into their full order history.

If you're a Shopify Plus merchant we can enable a feature called multipass, which eliminates then need for the customer to login to their Shopify account separately. 


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Shopify account login: 

Another option is to have the Shopify account be the main way a subscriber logs into their account. Skio's developers can link to the Skio customer portal from the Shopify account page for you. The downside to this is that subscribers will have to activate their account and use a password to login. Additionally a Shopify account will need to be maintained by your developers, which may be costly with time. 

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Offer two login options:

The last option is to offer both on the same page, where you can have the Shopify account login page as well as a manage your subscription link that takes the customer to the Skio customer portal. This is often confusing and not something that we recommend. 

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