Migration overview Migration overview

Migration overview

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  • Video tutorial
  • Migration steps

Video tutorial

Migration steps

Step 1: Setting up your Shopify theme

  • Timeline: 1 week
  • Our team needs collaborative access to your Shopify store
  • We’ll duplicate your live theme, inject the Skio code on your site, and then ask for your feedback
  • With your approval, we’ll push this theme live and ALL new subscribers will go through Shopify Checkout and process in Skio
  • Make sure to choose your login page and give us feedback if anything needs to be updated
Action Items:
  1. Share collaborative access with the Skio team
  2. Tell your developers to stop making any code changes to your live theme OR let our team know so they are added into the theme we’re working on
  3. Choose your new subscriber customer portal login optionProvide the Skio Migrations Team with feedback via email (we will reach out to you)
  4. Give your team time to make necessary Shopify Checkout changes (shipping profiles, ERP changes, scripts, discounts, and upsells/cross-sells)
  5. Give our Migrations team the green light to publish the theme (NOTE: We will NOT touch your live theme during this period)

Step 2: Migrating your current subscribers

Timeline: 1-2 days

  • Migrating subscribers MUST occur AFTER your new theme is published (Step 1)
  • Before we get started, our team needs to have a migration day set
  • We must know the following (asked in the migration form):
  1. the platform you’re migrating from
  2. the payment processor(s) you’re using
  3. unique subscription setups (prepaids, “paused” subs, etc)
  • Our team tries to migrate all of your subscribers in one day to avoid any subscription issues

Action Items:
  1. Make sure our team knows your migration day (this is the last step and will also be your official Skio launch day)
  2. For your record keeping, make sure you export a subscription, customer, action, and upcoming orders export
  3. If you are migrating from Authorize.net or Braintree, make sure to work with our team to get this process kicked off ASAP since this can add a few days to weeks
  4. Review onboarding guides and ensure your team is prepared for launch
  5. Once the migration is done, our team will send you a list of subscribers who could not be migrated (subscribers without a valid payment method and those with errors)

Step 3: Configure Skio settings

  • If you’re using Klaviyo, setup the integration and build out your flows
  • Decide which email and sms notifications will come from Skio
  • Turn on SkioSMS
Cancel flow
  • Setup your cancel flow reasons, rebuttal options, and intervention discount
  • Setting this up before launch day will ensure accurate cancellation data
Feature enablement
  • Skio offers an incredible slate of different features - make sure to enable them!
  • Most features including passwordless login will be enabled for you

Step 4: Reaching out to Skio Support

  • In addition to white glove migrations, Skio is proud to offer best-in-class concierge-style support
  • After launch, our Support Team will be your go-to for any technical issues, feature questions, or anything we can do to make your experience better
  • Email our team anytime (help@skio.com) or use the chat widget in Skio admin
  • Skio also offers whiteglove onboarding as well as strategic support to ensure your long-term success on our platform

Step 5: Skio analytics

  • Skio has built best-in-class analytics. Make sure you take the time to review the Analytics page in your Skio admin to optimize your acquisition and retention subscription strategies
  • Skio designed our analytic dashboards to be used with other features in Skio such as the cancel flow, notifications, retention incentives, and other tools to increase your store’s revenue
  • If you ever have questions, check out our Analytics hub in our help center or reach out to Skio support and a Brand Strategist can work with you on developing a subscription strategy tailored to your store

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